First Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama sports a fabulously intricate mosaic of millions of tiny (about 1 inch square each) tiles on its main facade. Doors at the bottom are quite tall, perhaps 10 feet, so the mosaic is probably 40 feet tall and 140 feet wide. It is truly an impressive work of art. See the First Baptist Church page on the mosaic for more info.

Image of the front of the church showing seven tall arches under which is a mosaic of Jesus standing as if one with a cross, and with his legs missing and replaced by a whisk formation.

The church, in the Rocket City, is home to a relatively new carallon with an aluminum exterior. It is a tall cylinder until a cone near the top, and at the very top there is a cross. One child saw it and named it "God's Rocket". See the First Baptist Church Steeple page for more info.

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