How many modes of transit can you fit into one trip?  We tried to find out.  First, we drove our own car to the airport to pick up a rental car.  We rented a car one-way from Raleigh to Huntsville, and left Raleigh about 4:45 Friday afternoon for Huntsville.  We arrived at 3:30 the next morning after gaining an hour in the time zone change.  We had Saturday night reservations at the Sheraton built into the Huntsville airport, and we checked in a little bit early!  (What a coup!  We didn't wind up paying for Friday night in the hotel!)  Here's the rundown, leg-by-leg.
Leg Mode
Raleigh our car
Raleigh-Huntsville one-way rental car
Huntsville local rental car & Dad's car
Huntsville-Denver Delta Air Lines using Jim Larson's United frequent flyer miles
Denver Arlene's mini van
Denver-Raleigh The Delta return trip - to a different city than the origin!
Raleigh airport to Jim's car at the office Triangle Transit Authority bus
Jim's office home Jim's car