For those of you who haven't been, Huntsville is a little bit like Paris. Of course, when you watch a movie filmed in Paris, you see that every window has a view of the Eifel tower. In Huntsville, every window has a view of the Saturn V moon rocket. It's as tall as the Statue of Liberty!

We checked in early for our Saturday night reservation at the Sheraton in the airport. (If you go down the elevator from the room, you're on the concourse - it's in the airport.) We checked in at about 3:30 A.M. Saturday - and we only got charged for one night!

Saturday morning we woke at about 10:30.  We ate what we thought was breakfast at the Sheraton restaurant, and split up for a few hours.  We had returned the one-way rental car at the airport the night before - and in the morning, we rented another for in-town driving, since the in-town per-day rates are about half of the one-way rates.  Elizabeth went to the Smith/Gibbs wedding and took several pictures.  I visited with family.  After the wedding, Elizabeth and I got back together at Granny and Papa's house and drove to Mom, Ray, and Jeffrey's place.  From there, we went to dinner at Boiler on South Parkway where we ran into Stan and Jan Brockway, their daughter Melanie (one of my baby-sitters), her husband and son.  After dinner, Elizabeth visited with Kristen, and I visited with Stickman.  We could have talked all night!

We found our way back to the airport about 12:30 A.M., then slept until 4:15 the same morning, when we sprang out of bed and onto the concourse for our 5:40 A.M. flight out to Denver via Atlanta.