The Capitol

We got to the capitol building about 5 minutes before the tour started, so we took the tour!  On the tour, we visited the house and senate chambers, a number of pictures, and ended up at the stairs to the dome.  We went on up to the dome and found this westward view:  (Red Rocks is somewhere in that view, as the capitol is in the view above, but I can't point them out.)

See how happy we were at the sight!

Before we went down, we looked up to the two-foot (0.6m) diameter flower in the center of the dome:

Elizabeth posed on the grand staircase while I took her photo.  Directly out the door from the grand staircase is the famous mile-high step (both of them, actually - the initial measurements were off by three steps), but we didn't go out that way.  Arlene met us on the street around the corner to pick us up.