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How To Build A Guitar : The String, Stick, Box Method - BellyJelly Music, July 2006

The long awaited follow up to control FREAK is a DVD that focuses on developing luthierie skills by working on cigar box guitars. Yours for the measly price of $24.99. FREE shipping worldwide!

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controlFREAK - BellyJelly Music, October 2004

The worlds first Luthier CD and EP on one Enhanced CD! An absolute masterpiece where I take you all the way from raw wood through complete guitar construction, and then I play those guitars to showcase just what they can do. The tunes are set in an imaginary world where little robots are reprogramming your brain through the music on the CD. Human brain, Mac, and PC compatible... $14.99. FREE shipping worldwide.

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The Guitarist Collective: Santa's Little Helpers - BellyJelly Music, December 2005

Hot off the presses in 2005. This is the third and best Christmas CD from the Guitarist collective. Get yours today for the tiny sum of $9.99. FREE shipping worldwide.

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A Collective Christmas: Do you hear what I hear? - BellyJelly Music, December 2004

As a worldwide community of guitarists, the Guitarist Collective will give the gift of music and sound back to the world this Christmas... $9.99. FREE shipping worldwide.

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A Collective Christmas - BellyJelly Music, December 2003

This collaborative effort includes Christmassy tracks from 11 different guitarists from America, England, and Argentena. Christmas classics are reinterpreted by guitarists from all over the world... $9.99. FREE shipping worldwide.

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It's Out Of My Hands - BellyJelly Music, May 2003

My first solo effort that includes tracks written over a span of 20 years. It's an eclectic mix of rock, jazz, and bluegrass. More commonly known as the "green album"... $9.99. FREE shipping worldwide.

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Rusted Shut : Undusted Demo - BellyJelly Music / Rusted Shut 1994

This was my first semi-professional band that broke up about 10 years ago. This recording is the surviving demo that we made of some of our originals. Recorded in the basement of the local FBI building in a marathon 24 hour record, mix, and master session... $9.99. FREE Shipping worldwide.

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The Small Print:

I started BellyJelly Music™ in 2003 as my own independent record label to sell CD's of my music. As a guitarist for many years, I'm excited about making these recordings finally available to the public. Thanks for stopping by!

I guarantee every CD and DVD for playability or I will refund your money, or send a replacement with no questions asked.


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