Interface: Hardware

RS-232 connections

The programmer uses the following connections on the RS-232 ccommunications link: The programmer can optionally supply data to these additional RS-232 lines: The remaining lines, RTS (Request To Send) and RI (Ring Indicator), are left unused.

Host computer: Terminal software

To communicate with the programmer, terminal software that supports RTS/CTS flow control must be used. Hardware support for RTS/CTS flow control is a plus, however, it does not guarantee that the terminal software will make use of it. The only terminal program that has been successfully used with the programmer is ZOC v3.x from EmTec. It is available for OS/2 Warp, Windows 95, and Windows NT from EmTec's web site. A few other terminal programs that do not work with the programmer have been tried using hardware with flow control support: When configuring the terminal software for communication with the programmer, use the following settings:

LED indicators

In addition to using RS-232, the programmer uses three LEDs to indicate its status. The LEDs are: