1003 -- Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders

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Video title set size: 4105MB
Relative quality rating: 3 (1 is best)



These are the menus I made specifically for this episode. What is presented here has been scaled for viewing on a computer and is in JPEG format to reduce size -- these are not the images actually on the DVD. The buttons are not visible in these images. The images are cropped by most televisions so the odd borders, especially the left, are not visible.

In the above image, I modified the title image in hopes of making it look better and compress better. I was worried about the yellow text gaining white spots when put on DVD (see comments for episode 811), so I changed the background to a solid color and used the average color. I also removed some VHS degredation artifacts. The buttons are regions that become highlighted when selected around the text.
The blocks are where the thumbnails for the chapters go. This is handled by the authoring software. The buttons for back and next are green arrows.