Sites on convergent alignments include: Easter Island; Chaco Canyon; Palenque; Ingapirca; Nazca; Ollantaytambo; Tiahuanaco; Fatima; Bandiagara; Rome; Siwa; Giza; Luxor; Mecca; Perseopolis; Mohenjo-Daro; Angkor and Pohnpei.

Image Cosmi 3-D World Atlas

The visual similarity between alignments of ancient sites around the world and the Nazca lines suggests that Nazca may be an ancient map of the alignments of world wonders. The following illustrations are 3-D representations of the alignments, centered on Mohenjo Daro and Easter Island. The alignments that do not cross over Mohenjo Daro and Easter Island are curved because the perspective of this 3-D illustration is not centered along those lines.

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The following diagram is based on Maria Reiche's 30 year study of the Nazca lines. If the Nazca lines do portray alignments of world wonders, it appears that at least three locations of convergent alignments are diagrammed here, as well as additional single or multiple alignments.