Bavarian King Ludwig II built Linderhof Castle southwest of Munich in the 1870's.

Stars and a zodiac encircle the globe shouldered by Atlas above the castle.

This statue behind Linderhof recalls the Atlantean statue of Poseiden described by Plato.

Another zodiac is in the molding along the ceiling of one of the rooms in the castle.

Some of the symbols above are enlarged below.

This large symbol is in the molding of another room in the castle.

This gold cutlery boat is on Ludwig's private dining table.

The ceiling of the entrance foyer at Linderhof commemorates Loius XIV.

Image - Stephen Edwards

Ludwig II also built Neuschwanstein Castle in the mountains southwest of Munich.

Below is the square in the center of Munich, as seen from the old town hall.

The new town hall is on the right and the old church is in the background.

This is the old town hall as seen from the square.

This is the clock that faces the square on the western side of the tower.

This sundial is on the southern face of the tower.

This is the Bavarian Museum in Munich.

This is the sundial on the Bavarian Museum.

This sundial is on the outside wall of the Munich Science Museum.

Image - Andria's Travels

This zodiac clock is in the courtyard of the science museum.

This obelisk was raised near the center of Munich around 1818.