A circle drawn around 20°55'S 26°10'W with a great circle radius of 5,180 miles crosses over the Great Pyramid, Easter Island, Palenque, Dzibilchaltun, Stonehenge, the Acropolis, Thera and Palaikastro. The distance from the North Pole to 15° north latitude is also 5,180 miles. Thus, the circumference of this circle is the same as the circumference of the 15th parallels. Northwest of the Acropolis, Delphi and Dodona are close to the circle. Northwest of the Great Pyramid, the ancient capitals of Alexandria and Sais in Egypt are close to the circle. Several pyramids and other sites of ancient construction, including Saqqara, are south-south-east of the Great Pyramid and on or near this circle. A number of Mayan and Olmec sites between Palenque and Dzibilchitun on the Yucatan Peninsula are also close to this circle, including Uxmal and Edzna.

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Tiny Ilhas Martin Vaz, the last link in an old island chain running east from the coast of Brazil, is located at 20°28'S 28°51'W, just over two degrees west of 20°55'S 26°10'W. Ilhas de Trindade is the next to last island in the chain, located at 20°30'S 29°19'W. The British astronomer, Edmund Halley, once took over Trindade on behalf of the British Crown. Trindade is famous for a UFO sighting that was photographed in 1958. In addition to the two locations that were suggested as possible sites for the submerged island of Atlantis in A New Look at an Old Design, another good place to look is just East of Ilhas Martin Vaz, at 20°55'S 26°10'W.

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      Distance to:  
Links: Latitude Longitude 20°55'S 26°10'W To Circle:
The Great Pyramid 29° 59' S 31° 09' E 5,175 miles 5 miles
Saqqara 29° 52' N 31° 13' E 5,175 miles 5 miles
Easter Island 27° 04' S 109° 22' W 5,182 miles 2 miles
Palenque 17° 32' N 91° 58' W 5,185 miles 5 miles
Edzna 19° 40' N 90° 15' W 5,165 miles 15 miles
Uxmal 20° 22' N 89° 46' W 5,162 miles 18 miles
Dzibilchaltun 21° 10' N 89° 38' W 5,172 miles 8 miles
Stonehenge 51° 08' N 1° 49' W 5,175 miles 5 miles
Dodona 39° 30' N 20° 50' W 5,165 miles 15 miles
Delphi 38° 29' N 22° 30' E 5,160 miles 20 miles
The Acropolis 37° 57' N 23° 42' E 5,185 miles 5 miles
Thera 36° 22' N 25° 22' E 5,182 miles 2 miles
Palaikastro 35° 14' N 26° 16' E 5,186 miles 6 miles