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The Cape Verde Islands are half-way between Machupicchu and the Great Pyramid, fifty miles north of the line of ancient sites. These islands are also half-way between Easter Island and the Indus Valley. When the Cape Verde Islands were rediscovered by European mariners in 1460 they were found to be uninhabited. However, islands in this location are found on earlier maps and described as inhabited in ancient times.

The Mecia de Viladestes map of 1413 shows islands at this location labeled Gades. The information in this map is thought to have come from Roman sources dating back to the first century AD. The Discoveries of the World from their first originall unto the yeere of our Lord 1555, written by Antonio Galvao in 1563, lists the ancient names for the Cape Verde Islands as the Dorcades, Hesperides and the Gorgades. A 1587 map by Richard Hakluyt also labels the Cape Verde Islands as the Gorgades and the Hesperides.

In ancient Greek Mythology, the Island of Atlantis was given to Poseidon. Atlas was Poseidon's son and the first king of Atlantis. The seven daughters of Atlas were known as the Atlantides. Because their mother was named Hesperis, they were also known as the Hesperides.