Pacer parts

These are part numbers that I have collected for Pacers, many of which I have used to repair various problems on my two 1975 Pacers. Some may not be concours correct, but they fit and function correctly. AMC part numbers are supplied, where known. Chrysler dealers still have some AMC parts; change the part number to Jeep format by adding a "J" and dropping the hyphen.

New feature: When I purchase a part, I will add the date and price in parentheses.

Please send additions and corrections to Glen Hoag.

Special thanks to Ken Ames for many of the AMC part numbers.

Crankcase air filter. AMC#323-6695, Fram BA3812 fits.

Air filter. AMC#899-1386, AC A117C, Fram CA184, Motorcraft FA1R, Purolator AFP45, STP SAF-184

PCV Valve (except Calif.) AMC#312-1538, Niehoff PV-204, Purolator PV765

Oil filter. AC PF24, Fram PH25, Motorcraft FL-9, Purolator L20033 (PER-33)

Oil pump. Sealed Power 224-41199

Pickup tube for oil pump. Sealed Power 224-11199

Rocker pivot set. (contains two pivots and one bridge) Sealed Power MR-1909, TRW 47015

Bellhousing, manual transmission, AMC#322-3278 (casting number)

Motor mounts, 6 cyl. AMC#322-6964 right, AMC#322-6965 left

EGR valve, 49 state. AMC#301-8739, OEM#7030881 (stamped on valve), Niehoff FE161 (use orifice washer #9)

Rear wheel cylinder. Bendix 33620, Coni-Seal WC13620, Eis 34958, Raybestos 37029, Wagner 79985

Front wheel cylinder, left. Bendix 33696

Front wheel cylinder, right. Bendix 33697

Parking brake cable, Pedal to equalizer. Raybestos BC92719

Parking brake cable, Right rear. Raybestos BC92720

Parking brake cable, Left rear. Raybestos BC92721

Door hinge bushing. 75-76: AMC#360-9194, 77-80: AMC#369-8103

Door hinge pin. AMC#368-3249

Door striker. AMC#365-7930

Control, interior door latch release. AMC#367-9668

Hatch striker. AMC#368-4999, superceded by #369-1039

Knob, gear shift lever. Help! (Motormite) #76935

Handle, window regulator. Help! (Motormite) #76964 (fits AMC products 1969-84)

Gas Cylinder for rear hatch. Mighty Lift! (Motormite) #95089, Max Lift (Monroe) #901215

Pad, clutch and brake pedal, manual transmission cars. AMC#317-1670 fits 64-76 01-40-60

Window sweeps:
  without vent window with vent window
Right inner 367-7000
Left inner 367-7001
Right outer 367-6428
Left outer 367-6429

Tie rod end, outer. McQuay-Norris ES2044R

Tie rod end, inner. McQuay-Norris ES2045R

Tie rod sleeve. McQuay-Norris ES2004S

Rack & Pinion assy, w/ power steering, ATSCO 6414

Boot, steering rack, all. McQuay-Norris FA1252, Moog K3130, TRW 15057

ESPO Springs 'n Things (1-800-903-9019) carries everything you need, except the isoclamp.

Leaf Springs (2/99 $110/pr)

Spring shackle kit (includes bushings) (2/99 $30/pr)

End bolt (for fixed end) (2/99 $6/pr)

U-bolt 1/2" dia, 2 1/2" ID, 6-1/2" long (order by dimensions; they don't have the application listed in their computer) (2/99 $3 each)

Isoclamp. (Rubber isolator between axle and leaf spring) AMC#323-4704 Marked "Gould 68882 FG" (2/99 $9.56)

Switch, blower, with A/C. AMC#322-2076

Switch, blower, without A/C. AMC#368-9448

Switch, automatic transmission neutral safety and backup lamp. AMC#321-8190, Niehoff AL133P

Switch, windshield wiper/washer, with intermittent wipers. In The Pacer News Vol 6 No 2, Craig Thompson reports that Ford D3AZ-17A553-D will work, if you reuse the mounting bracket/front plate from the Pacer switch. Be careful not to break the clips or lose the small parts (ball bearing, spring) inside the switch. This part can be purchased at most auto parts stores as Motorcraft SW-1155A, and may be less expensive than from the dealer. I have tried this; it works.

Relay, blower, with A/C. Niehoff DR159P

Relay, horn. Wells HR633

Lamp, License plate. AMC#323-0743 (2/98 $2.60)

Starter solenoid, with manual transmission (or auto trans with seatbelt interlock system). GP/Sorensen SS57

Starter solenoid, with auto transmission and without seatbelt interlock system. GP/Sorensen SS61, Niehoff FF138B

Starter "Bendix" drive. AMC#812-0193, Niehoff SD-4

Last update: 1 Mar 1999