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** Special Announcement **

The NSS Chapters Handbook has been added to the Chapter Resource Library.  This is part of our effort to improve chapter information sharing.  Other Web resources are in the process of being added, including newsgroup-like forums for NSS chapters.  Please send questions, comments, and concerns to:

NSS Chapters Common Calendar of Events | Index

A separately maintained FREE Web site where EVERY NSS chapter can add, edit, and delete their event information.  Please exercise caution and courtesy.

Overview of the NSS Chapters’ Assembly | Index

The Chapters’ Assembly is a volunteer organization devoted to helping NSS chapters thrive, via shared knowledge and experiences (updated 16-Feb-01)

Chapter Resource Library | Index

Information available on-line to help NSS chapters thrive (updated 18-Jun-02)

On-line Services | Index

Electronic forms to assist NSS chapters (under development)

Chapters’ Assembly Meetings | Index

Agenda and minutes of past and future regional and national meetings of the Chapters’ Assembly members (under development)

Issues and Resolutions | Index

Information and status of resolutions proposed to the Chapters’ Assembly, and current concerns of NSS chapters (under development)

Working Groups and Committees | Index

Information and status of working groups and committees appointed by the Chapters’ Assembly (under development)

Chapter Projects | Index

Information and status of NSS-assisted chapter projects and guidance for developing new projects (under development)

Officers and Membership | Index

Elected officers, Administrative Councilors, and current membership (under development)

Important Links

National Space Society (NSS)

Official NSS Chapters List

National Space Society Web Sites

HAL5-managed Space Links

Ad Astra per Ardua --- “To the Stars by Our Own Hands”

“Ad Astra” is the motto of the National Space Society, which is Latin for “To the Stars”

National Space Society Home Page

Huntsville Alabama L5 Society Home Page

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