I've thrown this page together in an effort to let Paul's fans hear a bit of music they may not have discovered yet.  What follows are sound files (in .MP3 and .WAV format) of songs, spoken words, and "mini-albums".   The "mini-albums" are bits of entire albums, spliced together to give those people who don't already own them a taste of what they are missing, and hopefully will help them make an informed decision as to which album to add next to their collection.

Most of the .MP3 and.WAV files I made myself, but there are some that other people produced, and I hope they don't mind me passing them out to y'all (I'm sure it's okay with them, but if not, let me know).   Also, if this page proves popular, I'll make periodic additions.

There's some good music in here.  Hope you enjoy!

Song Size Description
Hiroshima Sky Is Always Blue, Part 1 951K 122 seconds.  Part 1 of Paul & family participating on a Yoko Ono composition.
Hiroshima Sky Is Always Blue, Part 2 250K Part 2 - 32 seconds.
Hiroshima Sky Is Always Blue, Part 3 716K Part 3 - 92 seconds.
Back On My Feet 685K 64 second snippet
Bishop's Gate 507K 47 seconds.  "Bishop's Gate" song from the Town Hall meeting.
Come And Get It 236K 22 second snippet of Paul's demo.
Flaming Pie 507K 47 seconds.  I spliced John's comments on the origin of the "Beatles" name to the beginning of "Flaming Pie".  I personally like this one
Flying To My Home 445K 42 second snippet
Goodbye (1) 380K 35 seconds.  Part 1 of the complete song
Goodbye (2) 333K 31 seconds.  Part 2 of the complete song
Goodbye (3) 335K 31 seconds.  Part 3 of the complete song
Goodbye (4) 475K 44 seconds.  Final part of the complete song
Heather 364K 34 second snippet
I'll Give You A Ring (1) 201K 19 second snippet
I'll Give You A Ring (2) 285K 27 second snippet.  Follows directly after part 1 
It's Now Or Never 166K 15 second snippet
Loveliest Thing 665K 62 second snippet
Mama's Little Girl 239K 22 second snippet
Ode To A Koala Bear 207K 19 second snippet
Oh Darling (1) 359K 34 seconds.  Paul singing without musical accompaniment.  I called this his "shower song"  :)
Oh Darling (2) 683K 64 seconds.  Longer version of the "shower song".  If you download this one, you don't need part 1.
On The Wings Of  A Nightingale 249K 23 second snippet.  Not the best quality, but listenable
Peggy Sue 255K 24 second snippet
P.S. Love Me Do 379K 35 second snippet
Rave On 381K 35 second snippet.  Paul singing with Denny Laine
Return To Pepperland 452K 42 second snippet
Sally G 273K 26 second snippet
She's A Woman 165K 15 second snippet of Paul's vocals during one of the early takes
Yvonne (1) 237K 22 second snippet
Yvonne (2) 130K 12 second snippet
Yvonne (3) 207K 19 second snippet
Waterspout 703K 66 second snippet
Spoken Words Size This is what Paul says:
Paul on Conan 28K "I"m Sir Paul McCartney...on your knees!"
Love you too 46K "Hey, love you too...I don't even know you, and I love ya!"
Recipe from "The Simpsons" 462K The Lentil Soup recipe "hidden" in the backwards "Maybe I'm Amazed" at the end of the show.
Mini-Albums Size Length
Band On The Run 750K 70 seconds
Flowers In The Dirt 915K 85 seconds
London Town 923K 86 seconds
McCartney 969K 90 seconds
Off The Ground 933K 87 seconds
Pipes Of Peace 818K 76 seconds
Press To Play 971K 90 seconds
Ram 960K 89 seconds
Red Rose Speedway 885K 82 seconds
Tug Of War 970K 90 seconds
Venus And Mars 1005K 93 seconds
Wildlife 939K 87 seconds
Wings at the Speed Of Sound 873K 81 seconds