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 2006 G. Chastain

Cool Code

Note:  Many of the downloads provided through this page are self-extracting executables.  The files are stored on Yahoo Briefcase and download without the .exe extension as a security precaution.  You may have to rename the file, adding the .exe extension in order to extract the archive.  I assure you that the files are clean of viruses but feel free to run your own virus scan if you wish. - GEC

User Interface

Utility Code

Visual C++ Visual C++
  • Shell Notification DLL - By George Chastain. This DLL allows you to easily incorporate the functionality to enable your application to be notified when something in a file or folder changes on your Windows system.  This DLL was developed in and for use by Visual C++ developers.  However, it could be easily modified for use by Visual Basic developers. This code is dependent on the Path Utilities DLL and the Utilitiy Macros and Memory Debug Headers below.

  • Path Utilities DLL - By George Chastain. This DLL allows you to easily manipulate strings as pathnames/filenames and as URL paths.  It provides three different classes derived from the MFC CString class to facilitate such operations.

  • Utility Macros and Memory Debug Headers

Ada 95
Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • EzEvents -- An ASP application that makes it easy to add an event calendar to your website.  You can enter events that occur on a single date or that span multiple dates.  You can add/edit/delete any event and there is even a provision to password protect and event.  Also, a look ahead feature.
  • EzFAQ -- An ASP application to easily create a FAQ List on a website.  By George Chastain.
  • EzLinks -- An ASP Application to easily add the capability for someone to add/edit/delete links on your website.  A "do-it-yourself-submit-a-link" application.  Just unzip the project and link to the page "showuserlinks.asp".

Also, visit CodeGuru.Com and CodeProject.Com, publishers of several of my articles!