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Welcome to The Contractor's Outpost
Dedicated to the Defense Software Contractor 
4 October 2006
  • New tools have been added to the Travel page for your convenience.  You can now search the Yellow Pages for a particular city in the U.S., check flight status and obtain a NOAA weather report for the city of your choice.
  • Learn all the latest travel regulations from the TSA by clicking on the link to the right.
  • My desire is to continue to provide the best, most useful resources for my readers.  It is difficult to keep this site maintained given that the many departments of the DoD remodel their sites more often than a few popular department stores that I could name.  I felt that I needed to trim down the site to make it easier to maintain the most widely used resources.  Due to a lack of interest, the Management department has been eliminated along with The Communiqué newsletter.  These days, I suppose that it is difficult to convince people that you will protect their privacy and I had few people to make use of the newsletter.  Due to lack of time required to provide new stories  for the Features section, that section has been eliminated as well.   
  • The Contractor's Outpost supports our troops and looks forward to their safe return while working to help ensure that they remain the best equipped forces in the world!  Keep abreast of the latest news on the war on terrorism in Defense News.  See what other countries are saying with the best news sources on the web in Tech & World News.
  • Send your ideas for improving this site.
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