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Greg Bacon for Alabama Senate, District 7

Greg Bacon is the 2002 Libertarian Party of Alabama candidate for the Alabama State Senate's District 7 seat, currently occupied by Jeff Enfinger (D). To find your Senate district, visit the Senate's web page or view the Senate's current and proposed district maps.

Campaign Platform

I want small, just, inexpensive, non-intrusive government and have a three-part plan for making it happen:
  1. Fully restore the gun rights of Alabamians.
  2. Get government off the backs of Alabama businesses.
  3. Repeal the state income tax.

Fully restore the gun rights of Alabamians!

People have the right to live and practice their beliefs in peace. Thomas Jefferson, one of the most influential thinkers in American history, wrote, "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual."

Liberty comes at a price: personal responsibility. That means that all people -- not their neighbors and not the government -- are responsible for the consequences of their choices. Big government turns this idea on its head by reinforcing the notion that the government will take care of you no matter what, which encourages reckless, immature, and irresponsible behavior. I will fight hard for individual liberty, but I'll also demand strict punishment for those who abuse the precious gift of liberty.

People cannot call themselves free without the right to keep and bear arms, which is protected in both the state and federal constitutions. As we've seen in countries such as Canada, Great Britain, and Australia, gun bans result in sharply higher crime rates because such bans create defenseless populations. I will fiercely defend our gun rights and oppose any threats, such as gun registries, unreasonable licensing requirements, and punitive taxes; to our right of self-defense.

I will never vote for any new gun control law. I will not stop at merely calling for a halt to new gun control laws and enforcing the bad laws that are already on the books. I want to repeal all unconstitutional gun control laws and fully restore the gun rights of Alabamians!

Greg Bacon wants small, just, inexpensive, non-intrusive government, and that means government must safeguard citizens' right to protect and defend themselves.

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Get government off the backs of Alabama businesses!

Attracting businesses to Alabama is simple: create an environment in which the cost of doing business is low and show that those costs will remain low going forward. The worst strategy is Don Siegelman's "stick it to the corporations" gambit because it only ends up sticking it to the already overburdened Alabama taxpayer: when the state raises corporate income taxes, corporations simply turn around and pass on those costs to the consumer -- you and me.

Even though I work for Boeing, a beneficiary of special enticement tax breaks, I oppose special tax treatment to attract businesses. If Boeing, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, and so on are good enough to receive these tax breaks, then all Alabama businesses deserve them. Politicians want to land these big fish only because doing so gives them opportunities to cut ribbons and see their pictures in the papers.

My dad owns and runs a small business. His job is hard enough, but, in addition to managing the business, he also has to navigate a complex maze of over-regulation. Complying with these regulations means extra costs -- extra costs that are passed on to you and me to become a de facto tax. The overwhelming majority of new jobs in Alabama are small business jobs, and, despite politicians' chest-thumping to the contrary, government gets in the way of job creation rather than being an engine for job creation. Eliminating the regulatory burden on business also means lower costs of compliance and more jobs for all businesses from small to large, as opposed to our current unfair, anti-competitive tax structure that picks winners and losers.

A frequent complaint from folks in Madison County is that our prices for ISDN internet service are four times as much as it the rates in nearby Tennessee. The kneejerk reaction is to blame the "greedy corporations", but the truth is that ISDN providers must beg for the state Public Service Commission's blessing before lowering rates! I believe in the power of free markets to deliver value to the consumer, but dismantling the regulatory machinery would deprive corrupt officials of opportunities to enrich themselves and their friends -- at our expense, of course.

Floyd Shackelford, Libertarian candidate for U.S. House of Representatives from District 2, pointed out that if each Alabama small business were able to hire only one more employee, the state would have forty thousand new jobs!

Greg Bacon wants small, just, inexpensive, non-intrusive government, and getting government out of the way of the economy will empower ordinary Alabamians. Economic development means lower cost of living, more jobs, better pay, and better lives for Alabamians. Instead of obstructing the creation of new jobs, the state government needs to get out of the way and let America's real job creators -- Alabama's hard working, creative entrepeneurs -- build the economy.

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Repeal the state income tax!

Essential to economic development in Alabama is reducing the tax burden on both employer and employee. Our elected officials have been acting like spoiled, irresponsible children. During the good times in the 1990s, no one had the maturity to save a little for a rainy day fund, and now when times aren't as good, the brats are demanding tax hikes!

If you don't feel like you're getting fair value for the taxes you pay, you aren't alone. According to a Scott Rasmussen poll on taxes, only "27% of Americans say that they receive their money's worth for the taxes they pay." Alabama Tax Watch reports that almost a third of the average Alabama household's income goes to paying off the government. This is far too much, but only the Libertarian Party is fighting to lower the tax burden of all Americans, not just the chosen winners championed by the government.

Over the past couple of years, the state has earned itself a slow-pay credit rating on returning Alabamians' money on taxes they overcharge. If you or I were slow to pay money we owe, we'd suddenly find that no one is willing to extend us credit. The state's bad credit rating shows that the state government cannot be responsible with our money, so it is our right and obligation to take it back by repealing the state income tax!

It's time to elect adults to our state government -- adults who don't see public service as a time to live high on the hog but as a time to be careful stewards of the taxpayers' money. There is no shame in living within one's means, except perhaps in government. Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee made headlines by moving into a triple-wide during renovations to the governor's mansion. A politician seeking value for the taxpayer was the proverbial "Man bites dog!" story.

My home budget is balanced, and I will apply the same principles to budgeting the state's money as I do to my own. I want to eliminate the state income tax by eliminating waste, by replacing government services with more efficient and compassionate private services, and by limiting government to its Constitutional functions.

We missed a great opportunity by passing Amendment 1 in 2000, which allowed the greedy legislature to get its hands on the state's oil and gas trust funds, alledgedly to build schools and repair bridges (can you think of the first bridge repaired or the first school built with that money?) -- but Don Siegelman, with the help of the Democrats and Republicans in the Legislature, has used the money to enrich his buddies with cushy state contracts. With a little patience, we could have been like Alaska where residents not only have zero state income tax burden (thanks to hard work by the Libertarian Party), but they get dividend checks from the state government because of the Alaska oil and gas trust funds.

To parallel Harry Browne's famous question about the federal income tax, would you give up your favorite state government program if it meant never having to pay the state income tax again?

How often is it that a politician tries to put money back in your pocket rather than trying to wrestle it away from you? Greg Bacon wants small, just, inexpensive, non-intrusive government, and repealing the state income tax is a giant leap in that direction.

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Greg Bacon for Alabama Senate, District 7

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