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Perl: Will hack Perl for food. I maintain the CPAN's list of Larry Wall quotes and am a registered PAUSE developer.

Usenet: I moderate and comp.lang.perl.moderated, and I'm a regular in hsv.general and comp.lang.perl.misc.

XP: I'm a contributor to the Portland Pattern Repository's Wiki, run by Ward Cunningham. I'm very interested in extreme programming, especially the practices of test-driven development, continuous integration with relentless testing, and iterative development.

SETI@home: I'm a SETI@home contributor.


My wife and I are members of the Jordan Park church of Christ.

I'm a proud husband and father.

I'm a member of ΣΝ Fraternity, ΜΒ Chapter. A few years ago, I generated (using png2html) a nice rendering of the Sigma Nu creed.

I'm a Financial Peace University coordinator. Get serious debt help from Dave Ramsey as he teaches you to manage and budget your money to avoid bankruptcy, get out of debt, build wealth, and live in financial peace. I also maintain a weblog called Putting FPU to Work that discusses practical strategies for applying FPU principles.

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Acceptable labels: paleolibertarian, classical liberal, or Ron Paul (small-r) republican. Take then ten-question World's Smallest Political Quiz to see where you fall.

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In the 2002 general election, I was the Libertarian Party of Alabama nominee for the District 7 seat in the Alabama Senate.

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