Welcome To
The Women's Village!

Editors Note, By Regina Garson

Welcome to the IMDiversity Women's Village.

We are not your motherís, or even every womanís journal. We are devoted exclusively to the issues, problems and concerns facing todayís working woman.

It is well past time for women to have the same career information, business advice and networking opportunities that men have taken for granted for centuries. IMDiversity Womenís Village is here to fill that gap.

On the pages of the Womenís Village, you will meet top achievers, women who have made it through hard drive, hard work, brains and savvy. In celebration of womanhood at its finest, we bring you the scoop on how they made it -- what it really takes to get ahead in today's world of work.

In true village spirit, we look to the wisdom, experience and power of our leaders. Realizing that a civilization without heroines, is a civilization of weak, disenfranchised women, we stand to make sure that we are counted and we have what it takes to make it. We seek out and bring to you true American heroines. From the background on their own career issues, to what inspired and kept them going; we examine their career paths, how they got where they are today, and the driving force behind women who have made a difference in today's world of work, business and politics.

In the Women's Village there are job search pointers and extensive job listings with employers who know the value of and seek diversity in those they hire.† There are updates on employment trends and advice from seasoned career professionals to help you land and get ahead in the job of your dreams.

On the Women's Village team you will find career counselors and advisors as well as business professionals with many years of experience. We tackle the tough issues such as sexual harassment and discrimination which can thwart even the highest achievers among us. And we tackle the even tougher issues that sooner or later face† almost every working woman. That is the balancing act between work and family. Woman to woman, we are here and we are ready to answer your career and job search questions.

Knowing there are some things a woman can only learn from another woman -- Women's Village is about community, community for professional women. Women's Village is the place for women who are looking for that edge, that special something, where they know they can find the information and the job leads that will help them make their career path, their own personal journey to success.

That said, we welcome you to IMDiversity Women's Village. This Village is your Village. Let us know if you have any questions, or if there are any workplace issues you feel have a special need to be covered.

Regina Garson, Women's Village Editor