Bards to Rap
A Poetic
Celebration of Diversity

With Regina Garson

Writer, editor and poet, Regina Garson, weaves performance, poetry, history, and music into a multicultural poetic adventure. From light hearted ditties to literary masterpieces, she explores the poetic terrain. There are wandering bards, Samurai Warriors, poetic activists and rap's musician poets. The program, a celebration of our multiracial literary heritage, is a tribute to diversity and poetry as a pleasure in life for all.

Peace on EarthRegina is a writer, poet and working editor. Since the advent of the net, most of her work has been online. In promoting emotional wellness, understanding and a halt to violence between diverse peoples, one of her early online projects is now considered one of the pioneering efforts in using the Internet for the good of human kind. The 1996 Internet World Expo, recognized by world leaders as an historic coming together of early Internet pioneers -- seizing opportunity and using the medium to promote greater understanding and peace among the peoples of the earth. She has worked with a string of online projects devoted to equalizing opportunity, making known the issues of the disenfranchisized and using the Internet to promote human rights and humanitarian causes. In addition to Magic Stream, she has served as editor of IMDiversity Women's Village, and the Asian American Village of iMinorities' Job Bank.

With degrees in Behavioral Science, English and Advertising Communications, and a background in classical piano -- she spent her youth as a performing musician. She combines her expertise as a Behavioral Scientist with her literary and musical background, into a program celebrating the love of rhythm, words and diversity.

This Program is Part of
Making Arts Grow In Children
1998-99 Arts in Education Program
The Arts Council
Huntsville, Alabama