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On Combating Violence

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Combating Violence


College Women Twice As Likely To Be Stalked -- By Megan Costello, A woman hears footsteps behind her as she walks back to her dorm at night... The same fellow seems to turn up in several of her classes... Should she be worried?
Online Charity Fraud -- By Regina Garson, Publisher Magic Stream.
Cyber crime in every form is on the rise, and this includes phony charities and cyber looting. Don't let your guard down in times of disaster.
Men And Sexual Trauma -- By Julia M. Whealin, Ph.D. Men who experience sexual assault may suffer from depression, PTSD, and other emotional problems. Emotional symptoms following trauma may be different from those of women.
Catharsis Increases Rather Than Decreases Anger And Aggression -- Contrary to popular belief, venting anger through physical aggression-such as hitting a punching bag or a pillow-does not decrease one's anger. According to new research, such acting out only increases a person's hostility.

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