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On Therapy


Stability Can Be Achieved -- By Alan Gullette.
Truth -- By Norma Holt.

Personal Experience:

The Power In The Process -- By Terre Seuss.
Hope For Life -- An essay by Mikeal L. Best
From Pieces To Peace -- By Terre Seuss.

News And Information:

You Are Not Alone... -- Where to start, on mental health and mental illness.
Catharsis Increases Rather Than Decreases Anger And Aggression -- Contrary to popular belief, venting anger through physical aggression-such as hitting a punching bag or a pillow-does not decrease one's anger. According to new research, such acting out only increases a person's hostility.
Exercise Helps Keep Your Psyche Fit -- Research shows exercise to be a viable, cost-effective treatment for depression and may help in the treatment of other mental disorders.
NGLTF Responds To Flawed Spitzer Study On So-Called Reparative Therapy -- The study suggests that in some cases, "highly motivated gay people" can change their sexual orientation, snake oil packaged as science.

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