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Submission Guidelines

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Submission Guidelines:


Sharing through creative writing in poetry, short story, essay and personal experience is a source of healing as well as knowledge. Knowing someone else has been where you are can make the difference in healing or living among the walking wounded. Magic Stream's philosophy is that healing is made easier by sharing, and telling your story. The sharing can be as healing for the writer as well as the reader.


Poetry, short-stories and essays reflecting personal experience in the journey toward emotional wholeness. Self-help and informative articles on mental health issues from professional and consumer perspectives. Unpublished work preferred, previously published with permission. Beginning and student writers are welcome. Copyright, ownership and all rights remain with the author. Permission required to publish in electronic internet and CD serial format, also request one time print rights for a future anthology edition.

Prefer under 2500 words, 5000 maximum. Anonymity is up to the writer, please note on your submission. Bios and homepages of authors will be listed if desired. At present only email submissions are accepted.


The Magic Stream contains a cross referenced WebDex of information on mental health and physical wellness. The philosophy is that a strong mind and strong body go hand in hand.

Any topic listed in the WebDex is a potential topic for further coverage, either through original writing or outside links. We welcome suggestions of sites you have found helpful. We welcome suggestions of your own site if it would be of use to our readers. If your link is listed and you do not wish to be listed we will delete your listing if you let us know.


Despite my excessive use of the word "we," when it gets down to the actual publishing Magic Stream is a one woman operation and I have a day job to boot. Response time can be slow at best.
Despite the one person web building aspect, Magic Stream has had many esteemed contributors, including mental health professionals, beginning writers, professional writers, artists and everything in between. It is the interconnectedness of the web that makes it what it is.
Other things that also fall under that same topic of the web, involve the foibles of modern technology, including crashes -- and despite the fact that I do know better, I lost a stack of submissions and contact information a while back as I too crashed. If you have a past submission or email seemingly lost in cyber space, assume that it is just that and feel free to resubmit if you so desire.

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