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Holiday Survival and Fun

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Holiday Survival and Fun

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My New Year's Non-Resolutions -- By Regina Pickett Garson I've never liked the idea of New Year's Resolutions. If you make them, you feel like you are somehow accountable. Still, as the holiday festivities wind down, I enjoy curling up and spending some time thinking. This is not a long assignment, just a few moments with a nice cup of coffee, a pen and a piece of scratch paper.

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Holiday Survival:

Easy Holiday Activites to Do with the Children
-- By Angela Billings
Gather some pinecones, make the birds a special treat. Here's some easy ideas for fun, making memories with the kids.
Ten Tips for Coping with Holiday Stress
-- By Mark Sichel
We all look forward to the holidays and hope that they will be a time of happiness, friendliness, fellowship, and harmony. Yet often our anticipation and excitement turns into depression and disharmony.
Healthful Feasting For Those In A Frenzy!
-- By Anthony S. Beard, RD, LD. Medical Nutrition Therapist
Technology isn't always the greatest solution to our problems. Not being knowledgeable on healthful eating when pressed for time, appears to be at least part of the problem.
How to Help a Grieving Loved One During the Holidays -- While many people look forward to yearly gatherings with family and friends, for those who have lost someone special, the holidays may emphasize feelings of loss and loneliness.

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