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Gender Issues and Gay Support Resources:

A Mother Speaks Out -- by Leslie Sadasivan. "For 2 years prior to his death the change in Robbie from a happy fun loving child to a reclusive moody teenager had profoundly affected our family. I initially dismissed his change in behavior as typical of being an adolescent. Little did I realize what the future held. "
That Funny Feeling -- by Kevin Jennings. My funny feeling was brought on by the anxiety I felt about going back to school, an anxiety which was not unique to me but is one to which I believe all people can relate. But my funny feeling was heightened as a teenager when I realized I was gay and when other kids started calling me faggot.
Remembering Lloyd -- Poetry by Laura Fleury

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The Issues:

NGLTF Responds To Flawed Spitzer Study On So-Called Reparative Therapy -- The study suggests that in some cases, "highly motivated gay people" can change their sexual orientation, snake oil packaged as science.
Eye on Equality - A Future to Celebrate -- By Kerry Lobel,
Executive Director National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.
PFLAG Chapters Donate Fresh Views of Families to Libraries
Just the Facts -- A fact sheet that summarizes important statistics about the impact of homophobia on gay and lesbian youth.

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