Bonsai - the Art of Growing Trees in Miniature

A tiny tree, in an absurdly small pot...yet it suggests an ancient tree on a hilltop....

CAUTION: The information, ideas and suggestions expressed in these pages have evolved from extensive reading, some failures, and some years of success in bonsai. It is primarily intended for the beginner, and I believe it will be of some help. The more advanced will already hold their own concepts, and this content is unlikely to misguide them.
Question or clarification email is welcomed from beginners; corrections or additions from more the experienced would be appreciated.

Introduction to Bonsai
(Myth-Understandings and Facts about Bonsai A Must for Beginners!)

Top Ten Bonsai Rants and Raves   (Updated Dec 13, 1997)

Bonsai pictures

Tips and Techniques (Updated Nov 20, 1999)

The Living Art Bonsai Society Huntsville, Alabama

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