How to get natural progesterone cream and other Unicity products:

You can get Wild Yam Cream (natural progesterone cream) fromUnicity store. Dr. Lee lists 34 brands of natural progesterone cream products on the market that are suitable for his method of application. Unicity (previously Enrich) Wild Yam Cream is one of them. For the best result, combine progesterone cream with other supplements to address various aspects of hormonal imbalance.

To order from Unicity as a customer:

In US: Visit Unicity store or Call Unicity toll free (1-800-307-3366). Unicity products are available only through the members and you can order through me by using my account number. Tell the the number 40330301, products you want, your shipping address, and your credit card information. Tax and shipping will be added to the order. That is all. to find more about the latest in user friendly nutritional/herbal supplement products for your maximum health. Unicity Network has "100% money-back Product Satisfaction Guarantee for 60 days" policy.

From Japan: Visit shopping.

From other countries: email to

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