Wild Yam Cream

There are two women in my office whom I have helped with the use of wild yam cream. One in particular, Sue, has never had a month without debilitating PMS. I had suggested wild yam cream to her friend originally; and when it helped her she, in turn, suggested it to Sue without my knowledge. Sue asked her friend to order an extra one for her to try. It was so successful she has continued its use and has been symptom free since. I wouldn't have known about it since she hadn't asked for my ID #, but she was so thrilled she sought me out to tell me about it.

Despina Weiss


The story I wanted to tell you about is a story of Wild Yam Cream and what it did for a customer of mine.

This lady was in her seventies. She had just got out of the hospital with a bill of over $38,000.00. They weren't able to help her. They sent her to a sleep clinic. No help there. My wife asked her if she would be willing to try an alternative. The lady said she would try anything. I called her on the phone and told her that I would try Black Cohosh and Wild Yam Cream. She wanted me to leave the product at a certain place as she was leaving for the evening.

I discovered that I was out of Black Cohosh, but I took the Wild Yam Cream with instructions of how and where to apply it.

This lady's problem was "night sweats". She said that she would have to get up three or four times a night and change her night gown, because it would be soaked with perspiration and would sometimes have to change her linen.

I left a note with the Wild Yam Cream and told her I was out of Black Cohosh, but for her to go ahead and use the Wild Yam Cream and I would order her some Black Cohosh. She called my wife the next day and said "I don't need the Black Cohosh, the Wild Yam Cream did the trick, last night is the first night in four years that I did not have a "night sweat". This was after just one application of Wild Yam Cream.

Thank God for the herbs he gave us and for the knowledge that he has given our researchers at Enrich!

Kenny Layne


* Hormone Imbalance

* Lynne S. shared,

In the spring of 1997 I was concerned about my overall health and made a list of symptoms. That list included fatigue, very low energy, poor quality sleep, hypoglycemic tendencies and excessive sweet cravings, thyroid-like symptoms (cold feet and hands and weight gain). I also had menstrual disturbances (very heavy blood flow, severe cramping, and migraine headaches). I was emotional, irritable at times, and sometimes depressed for no reason. I decided to try Enrich's products before prescription medications. The first products I took were Wild Yam capsules, Kelp, Licorice, and Black Cohosh. By the time I had my next menstrual cycle, it was completely normal. NO CRAMPS! Regular blood flow that lasted only 2 days and no headaches.

When I heard about Wild Yam Cream, I purchased and read the book 'What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause' by Dr. John R. Lee. Everything he said about pre-menopausal women was me. The list on page 135-36 listed 17 pre- menopausal symptoms; I had 14 of them. I started Wild Yam Cream Oct. 7th, 1997 and used approximately 1/4 of a tsp. for two weeks before menses and I kept a journal.

Through October and November I felt worse than I had felt in awhile. Sometimes depressed, sometimes tired, but I recognized from Dr. Lee's book that my estrogen receptors were starting to work and this would soon turn around. In November my sweet cravings were gone. I no longer salivated at the thought of chocolate. It was easy to make healthy food choices. I was sleeping better at night and waking up refreshed every single day.

In December my clothes were loose. I had lost 1 inch in each thigh and 4 in my waist. The after lunch energy dip was gone. Mood swings were gone and my hands and feet were feeling warm again. I never would have believed that a little 2 oz. bottle of natural progesterone cream applied daily for only two weeks out of the month would make such wonderful changes in my health.

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