Bone and cartilage regeneration

This testimony is based on the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It was in May of 1998 while in the process of weed eating around the house that my left leg gave out on me. One minute I was standing and the next minute I was flat on my face. You can imagine my surprise and somewhat fear when this happened. After numerous arguments with my wife I decided that whatever the problem was it would go away by itself. So I decided to do absolutely nothing about it, convinced it would take care of itself. Needless to say I was wrong, my wife was right, and I found myself seeking the advise of a medical professional.

The Preoperative Diagnosis was Osteochondritis Dissecans with multiple loose bodies. The Postoperative Diagnosis was Osteochondritis Dissecans with multiple loose bodies with nodular synovitis and a tear of the medial meniscus.

For those of us of the non-medical background what this basically means is that there were bone chips and pieces of cartilage floating around in the knee joint. When a piece of one or the other lodged in the ball joint of the knee, the leg would give out and henceforth I would fall on my face. According to the doctor the cause of the problem started years ago when I was an adolescent. For some unknown reason the bottom part of the femur bone (upper leg bone) died when the body ceased to provide circulation to it. As the years passed particles of the bone began to flake off, which in turn tore the cartilage, causing all sorts of ruckus in the joint, which resulted with me falling on my face. I was scheduled for Arthroscopic Surgery whereas all loose particles could be removed, but that only solved part of the problem. The decaying bone meant that the problem would reoccur and in time I would have to go through the same process again. The doctor told me that there was a crater of missing bone on the bottom side of the femur and there was nothing that could be done for it.

It was then that I offered the doctor a challenge. I told him I believed that if the body were given the proper nutrition it would not only rebuild the cartilage but also regenerate the bone in the process. My doctor said that the regeneration of bone was impossible, and he really wasn't too sure about the regeneration of cartilage. I gave him some literature on Enrich's Calcium for bone regeneration and Glusamine for cartilage regeneration and told him these were the two main supplements I would be using for my knee recovery along with the minerals (Megamins).

It was at my last follow up visit when it was decided that I would return in approximately one year for a follow up x-ray to see if there was any improvement in either the bone or cartilage regeneration. The bet was that if there was any regeneration of the bone then the office visit and x-ray were to be free, on the other hand if there was no improvement then I would have to pay for the x-ray's and services.

I didn't pay for anything that day, and left his office feeling very good about the products I was using and the company I represented (Enrich International). Not only had the bone in my leg completely regenerated, but the doctor could tell so had the cartilage. In comparing both x-rays my doctor was astounded as to how completely my bone had healed.

My thanks to Enrich International for their quality products, a special thanks to my up line for the support they have given me. Mike DiGennaro

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