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Music Links
North Alabama Country Dance Society
Chattahoochee Country Dance Society
Nashville Country Dancers
Chattanooga Traditional Dance Society
Contra Dancing in the Southeast

Sibelius Software Makers of the music notation software I use
CodaBow Makers of high-quality carbon graphite bows (I own one of their Classic models, and it is the best money I ever spent on a musical instrument)
Southwest Strings Good source of strings and other supplies for bowed instruments
Adobe Audition Adobe Audition (formerly CoolEdit) is a very good program for editing sound files

FiddleFork Online A nicely-done website with a lot of things of interest to fiddle players
Fiddle-L An email listserv for fiddle players
CoMando Website and email listserv for mandolin players
Mandolin Cafe Good website for all things mandolinial
The String Emporium The String Emporium, specialists for upright bass.

Acoustic Disc Records Dave Grisman's company, specializing in recordings in the mandolin genre

Levy Sheet Music Collection American Popular Music from 1780 to 1960. Over 29,000 pieces!
Colin D. MacDonald's Ragtime-
March-Waltz Web Site
Title says it all

Classical Music
Neil Gladd Classical mandolinist and composer. A very enjoyable and irreverent site to peruse.
Andras Schiff My favorite classical pianist. Best recordings of Bach.
Michala Petri Fabulous recorder player
Classical Midi Archives HUGE, HUGE collection of classical midi files, well-organized and indexed
Icking Music Archive Great collection of classical music in PDF and MusiXTeX formats

Canadian Fiddle Links
Calvin Vollrath Calvin is, in my not-in-the-least humble estimation, the absolute *best* fiddler on the planet today. Really. He is.
Listen - and learn.
John Arcand Another wonderful Canadian fiddler and tunesmith

Critical Thinking, Time Wasters, etc.
Urban Legends Check here if you hear any story about Neimann Marcus cookies, kidney harvesting, etc
James Randi Dedicated debunker of psychics, mystics, and other charlatans
The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic It's hard to tell how serious this site is, and in fact, I think that may be the point. Regardless, I think it's a step in the right direction. Jerry Falwell and Judge Roy Moore will not approve of this site, and it is probably blocked by NetNanny at Bob Jones University
Slowpoke Comics, by Jen Sorenen Just plain funny. Scary funny, maybe.
The Skeptics Dictionary More information for analytical thinkers
Words/Dictionaries/etc. Good general purpose site for language, definitions, anagrams, etc
World Wide Words Great site with definitions and derivations of all sorts of peculiar words, phrases, etc.
The Wordplay Website Anagrams, palindromes, much more.
Postmodernism Generator Funny spoof of high-falutin' social science types
Superstring Theory Nicely done site about the cutting edge of physics
Cambridge Math Thesaurus
Fun sites for math geeks

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