CBS This Morning

September 15, 1995

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MARK McEWEN reporting:
  TV viewiers met Nancy McKeon when she starred as Jo in the
  hit series "The Facts of Life." Now she's all grown up with 
  a show of her own, the new CBS comedy, "Can't Hurry Love." 
  It's about a single woman in her 20s searching for love, 
  success and happiness in the Big Apple.
  [showed a clip from "Can't Hurry Love"]
  Using 'rabble' in a sentence. Nancy McKeon joins us from Los 
  Angeles. Hi Nancy.

Ms. Nancy McKEON: 

  How you doing this morning?

  I'm good, thank you. How are you?

  I'm doing fine. We're going to get back to that scene in a second, 
  but first of all, let's talk about this show. How -- you are a 
  producer the show.


  Tell me the story line of it for people who haven't seen it.

  It's about Annie O'Donnell, the character that I play. She lives in
  New York city. Her best friend, Didi, lives across the hall, who's of
  a free spirit and an adventurer. And the two guys that she works with,
  that she's also friends with, one is a guy named Roger, who's single 
  and kind of hitting the single life out there, and Elliot, who is our 
  married guy. He's been married for eight years, got married very young.
  And he has something that we all want to achieve, yet he lives sort of 
  vicariously through us. So it's--this is our little mix of people and
  it's about out lives together.

  You were in the mix in the development of the show. I think a lot of 
  people think shows just pop up and are on television. Tell me how you
  develop a show, how it goes from the idea to the page to the screen.

  Originally Geena Wencoast, who is our head writer, executive 
  producer, and I met at the Four Seasons and we had a couple of drinks 
  and talked about the kind of show that we wanted to do, and we were 
  very much in sync with the stories we wnted to tell. Then we got 
  together with Jonathan Axelrod and Jamie Widdoes, our other executive 
  producers, and those two and myself had deals with CBS, so we 
  presented them with the idea. They like it. Then they pick up a pilot 
  script. We shoot that and then we come to New York and it gets tested 
  and researched and played for everybody. And if they thinks it's good 
  enough, they'll put it on the fall schedule. And if they don't, 
  we're tarring roofs in the valley.

  Well, now back to that seen I was telling you about. I saw this show. 
  I like that guy. You go out on a date with him--I don't want to give to 
  many things away--are we going to see him again? Is there--it's early
  for a romance to be blooming, but will it bloom?

  You'll have to watch. Some things arise, but, you know, Peter Dobson 
  is--is the gentleman who played the character and he's a terrific 
  actor, so I think we'd love to get him back at some point. But some 
  things happen in this particular episode that kind of sets them apart 
  for a while.

  Cagey answer, Nancy. Very cagey answer right there. You produced 
  other  things. You produced made-for-TV movies. Is the--how is the 
  thrill or-let's say the thrill of produceing different from the 
  thrill of performing?

  I think producing for me is more a means to an end. You know, you 
  get submitted a lot of scripts and you can read stuff and--and 
  sometimes you're interested and sometimes you're not. And for me,
  rather than just sitting around waiting for that great piece of
  material, I'd rather be more active. So I go out and, you know, seek 
  things that I'd like to do.

  There's nothing for me that compares with going out there and 
  especially doing a show like this. We film in front of a live 
  audience and you get that energy and the immediate response. And, 
  you know, it's sort of like doing theater, only we have the luxury 
  of being able to stop and do it again if we make a mistake. So 
  it's-it's just great fun to go out there and perform, and 
  that's-that's always my first love, I think.

  Well, we enjoyed you on "The Facts of Life" and we're looking 
  forward to "Can't Hurry Love." Nancy McKeon, thank you very much.
  "Can't Hurry Love" premieres Monday night at 8:30 Eastern right 
  here on CBS.