Biography of Nancy McKeon

Nancy was a student of the Vocal Power Institute, est. in 1980. VPI is also listed in the LA Parent Education Directory Enrichment Program

Nancy McKeon, better known as "Jo" on one of NBC's longest running sitcoms, "The Facts of Life" is all grown up now and has starred in several TV movies and has co-produced her own sitcom called "Can't Hurry Love" on CBS Monday nights.

Nancy McKeon was born in Westbury New York April 4, 1966. She has only one brother, Philip McKeon, who is 18 months older. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

Nancy's first job in the industry was purely accidental. Nancy was only two years old when a friend of her father's, Don McKeon, suggested that, Philip try out for a television commercial. The day of the audition Nancy was supposed to stay with her baby-sitter, who at the last minute, had to cancel. So Nancy tagged along to the audition and got the part. This audition lead to other modeling contracts with Sears catalogs, The New York Times, and other fashion shows. Nancy and her brother Philip appeared in a combined total of 60 commercials.

Several years later Philip and their mom, Barbara, went out to California to audition for a television show. After only 2 auditions. Philip was cast as Linda Lavin's son on the hit TV series "Alice". About a year later, Nancy and her dad sold the house in Queens and moved to Los Angeles. She was only about nine years old at that time. They temporarily lived in a one bedroom apartment across from Warner Brothers studio.

After three long years of auditions, at age 12, Nancy got her first TV role on, at that time, a very popular TV series, "Starsky and Hutch". Nancy then went on to guest star in several television series including: "Alice"; "Love Boat"; "Fantasy Island"; "Stone". Soon after, she was cast as a regular on "The Facts of Life."

Rarely has an actress been able to combine the elements of comedy and drama as successfully as Nancy McKeon. Best known to television audiences as Jo, the streetwise tomboy on one of the long running NBC series "The Facts of Life". Nancy has continually demonstrated her wide range of talents that have marked her as a leading actress and producer.