Uilleann Pipes Half Set

The sounds of the uilleann pipes are unmistakable, the haunting sound heard from afar, to the voice-like singing sound of the sean nos (traditional Irish singing), to the boisterous joy of the dance jigs and reels.

Whether the pipes are being played as your guests arrive, during the event, or at the reception following, the sound of Uilleann

pipes will provide just the mood you want.

With sufficient notice, I can also provide a

small ceilidh ensemble if the occasion requires.

I also perform on the traditional Irish Tin (penny) Whistle.

About the Uilleann Pipes:

The Uilleann pipes is the Irish form of the bagpipes a family of instruments with representatives throughout Europe as well as parts of Asia and Africa. It emerged in the latter half of the 18th century in Ireland and Britain and was developed to its modern form in Ireland over the following 50 to 60 years.

It is the most highly developed of all bagpipes, having a chanter capable of sounding two full octaves, as well as other features not found on other bagpipes.

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