Descendants of: Edward Mashburn Sr.

1 Edward Sr. Mashburn
  m. 13 Jun 1674 St. Dunstan's-in-the-east, London, Eng  Sarah Sinderly
  From records of Sue Mashburn
  2 Edward Mashburn b. 22 Apr 1739 London, England d. unknown possibly North Hampton county, N.C.
    m. Sarah
    m. Elizabeth Nash
    From records of Sue Mashburn- Edward settled in Onslow County,NC.
    He was raised by his stepmother Elizabeth Nash who later married Edward Lloyd
    of Lloyd's Coffee House fame. He migrated to Nausemond County, Virginia as a
    schoolmaster around 1698. By 1712 he was operating a school on the headwaters
    of the Chowan River at Sarum, (now Gates Co.) NC. The school was brought to
    the attention of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, who dispite
    the urgings of the Biship of London, declined to support it.
    Edward Mashburn married Elizabeth after his wife died aparantly. After Edward
        died, Elizabeth married Edward Lloyd who operated a coffee house on Lombard
        Street in London. From records of Sue Mashburn.
    3 Matthew Mashburn b. _____ d. BEF 1761 North Hampton County, NC
      m. Sarah
      Born in America. Have documentation of will from Sue Mashburn records
            The Will of Matthew Mashburn

In the name of God Amen, I Matthew Mashborne(Mashburn) of the County of
Northampton & Providence of North Carolina being sick & weak in body but of
sound & perfict mind & memory praise by given therefore to Almighty God, do
make an ordain this my last will & Testament in manner & form following that
is to say first: principally I recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty
God hoping through the merit death & passion of my Savior Jesus Christ to have
full and free parden & forgiveness of all my sins & to inherit everlasting
life, & my body I commend to the earth to be decently buried at the
discrection of my Executors hereafter named & as touching the disposition of
all such temporal estate as it hath pleased Almighty God to bestow Upon me I
give & dispose of in manner & form as followith: Item. i will that my debts &
funeral charges shall be paid & discharged.

Item. I give unto my beloved wife Sarah Mashborne(Mashburn) the bed board
stead & furniture belonging to it as I myself usually lay on & my black horse
named Frock & my riding saddle & two Cows & claves.

Item. I give & bequeath unto my grandson James Mashborne (Mashburn) son of
Samual Mashborne Deceased in his fathers stead on two year old heffer.

Item. I give & bequeath unto my son Edward Mashborne(Mashburn) my still.

Item. I give & bequeath unto my son David Mashborne(Mashburn) one bed &

Item. I give & bequeath unto my children Mary Pirson, Anne Mashborne, Martha
Mashborne, (Mashburn), James Mashborne, Edward Mashborne, Sarah Lassiter,
Pricilla Mashborne, Elizabeth Mashborne, Charity Mashborne, Rachel Mashborne,
David Mashborne, Jethro Mashborne, Daniel Mashborne, William Mashborne, all
the rest of my Estate not given out in Legacies & to be Equally divided
amongst them, I likewise desire my Executors to have a care and see my three
young children brought up as Well an Christial like as possible in reson.

I do hereby appoint my sons Matthew Mashborne and James Mashborne executors of
this my last will and testiment, and I do hereby revoke disannul and make void
all other Wills and testaments by me heretofore made. In Witness Whereof I the
said Matthew Mashborne to this my last will and testament do hereunto set my
hand and seal this second day of July in the year of our Lord One Thousand
Seven hundred and sixty.

                (sealed) Matthew Mashburn (seal)
      4 Matthew MASHBURN b. 1760 NC d. 1826 Burke,,N.C.
        m. Susan STROUD b. 1764 NC
        5 Elizabeth MASHBURN b. 1799 McDowell,,N.C. d. 22 Jan 1882 NC
          m. 24 Nov 1815 Burke,,N.C.  John DAVIS b. 1795 McDowell,,N.C. d. 1820
          6 William M. DAVIS b. 8 Dec 1819 Bucombe,OF, North Carolina d. 8 Feb 1890 Bluft Dale,Erath,TX
            m. abt 1839 Bucombe,OF, North Carolina  Elizabeth (Melisa) INGRAM b. 20 Nov 1813 Bucombe,OF, North Carolina
            Found in 1860 census for Fanin County, Georgia (MORGANTON)
            Found living with Jasper in 1880 Census as Melisa born in SC
                        Found in 1860 GA census as Elizabeth born in NC
            7 Jane DAVIS b. ABT 1841 NC
            7 John DAVIS b. ABT 1843 NC
            7 William DAVIS b. ABT 1844 NC
            7 Jasper Marion DAVIS b. 11 Jul 1845 Bucombe,OF, North Carolina
              (I have some more updated information on Jasper I'll post later)
      4 Samual Mashburn
      4 Edward Mashburn
      4 David Mashburn
      4 Mary Pirson Mashburn
      4 Anne Mashburn
      4 Martha Mashburn
      4 Sarah Lassiter Mashburn
      4 Pricilla Mashburn
      4 Elizabeth Mashburn
      4 Charity Mashburn
      4 Rachel Mashburn
      4 Jethro Mashburn
      4 Daniel Mashburn
      4 William Mashburn
      4 James Mashburn b. BEF 1760 d. 1834
        m. Rebecca Stroud
        Sue Mashburn records include an Administrator Bond for James estate;
        handwritten note. Also notes for more information:
        Factes gotten from Facets fo fannie County Georgia, History of Gilmer County,
        GA, internet online census records of NC, SC, GA, Steve Mashburn; Mashburn
        5 Drury Mashburn b. bef 1780 North Carolina
          m. Elizabeth Morgan
          Sue Mashburn: "The current leaning from most of us in genealogy is that David
          was the son of Drury, who was probably the son of James, who was the son of
          Matthew. We know the Burke Co. Mashburn's were descended from Matthew of
          Northampton County."
          Sue also has Administration Bond for the estate of Drury Mashburn
          Sue Mashburn's records include Widow's Petition from April 1838 in Burke
                    County, NC.
          6 John Mashburn b. bef 1790
            m. Nancy Hicks
          6 David Mashburn b. August 1799 Burke Co. North Carolina
            m. 19 Jan 1824 Burke Co. North Carolina  Mary Polly P. Woody
            By 1860 David and Mary were living in Gilmer County, GA according to the 1860
            Gilmer COunty Census. At the time their ages were given as David Mashburn 60;
            Mary Mashburn 66. In their household lived three girls, that is persumed to
            be grandchildren; Nancy L age 7, M...C? age 5, Neety M. age 2; David Mashburn
            and Mary Woodey were married in Burke County NC.
            7 Jackson J.B. Mashburn b. 1825
              m. Mary Caroline McMinn
            7 Manoah (Noah) Mashburn b. 15 Nov 1826 North Carolina d. 13 Jan 1900 Route 1 Boaz, Alabama
              m. 7 Aug 1848 Gilmer County, GA  Rhoda Julia Ann Holden
              Co. E 8 Batt'n GA Inf (Confederate) Private - Appears on Company Muster Roll
              for Nov & Dec 1862 Elisted Dec 9 1862 Fort Lamar SC by Capp. Hopper 3 years -
              Deserted March 5, 1864. Took Oath of Amnesty at Chatt. TN
              8 Mary Catherine Mashburn b. 7 Jan 1851 GA d. 29 Dec 1934
                m. 15 Aug 1874 John Mitchell Johnson
                9 Uriah H. Hohnson b. 19 Jul 1875
                9 Josirah Johnson b. 18 May 1877
                9 Noa Charlie Johnson b. 3 Jun 1879
                9 Rhoda Tennisee Johnson b. 7 Aug 1880
                9 Mitchell A. Johnson b. 3 Aug 1881
                9 Rabin T. Johnson b. 7 Aug 1883
                9 Mary Eliza Johnson b. 7 Feb 1887
                9 Arthur P. Johnson b. 26 Sep 1889
                9 Luserner (Lou) Johnson b. 26 Aug 1892
                9 Johnie Pearl Johnson b. 20 Oct 1894
                  m. Jones
                  m. Wallace Eally
                  m. Wilkerson
              8 Uriah McDonald Mashburn b. 23 Dec 1853
                m. Arnilene
              8 David Nelson Mashburn b. 17 Feb 1855 GA d. ? Jan 1939 Dekalb Co, AL
                m. Susan Johnson
                m. January, 1913 Bertha Brothers
                Has a grave marker at Smith Chapel Meth Church cem in dekalb county, AL where
                                David as buried. A grave is in between hers and David's. No one knows who it
                9 Thomas Noah Mashburn b. 7 Feb 1876 Etowah County, AL d. 10 Feb 1965 Crossville, AL. Rt 2
                  m. 17 Jun 1896 Lucy Jane White
                  10 Floary Savannah Mashburn b. 6 May 1897 d. 26 Apr 1993
                  10 Susie Leona Mashburn b. 2 Oct 1898 d. 22 Dec 1980
                  10 Marion Roe Mashburn b. 14 Oct 1900 Dekalb county, AL d. 30 Apr 1969
                  10 Zonnie Odell Mashburn b. 6 Jan 1906 d. 6 Feb 1997
                  10 Bob Numan Mashburn b. 1 Dec 1908 d. 3 Feb 1911 Dekalb Co, AL
                  10 Louis Manervia Mashburn b. 10 Jul 1910 d. 28 Apr 1945
                  10 Vestes Nolan Mashburn b. 12 Sep 1913 d. 24 Apr 1959 Dekalb Co, AL
                    m. 21 Oct 1942 Wilow Dean Mize
                  10 Lesley Burgess Mashburn b. 15 Jun 1921 Crossville, AL, Rt 2
                9 Nancy Jane Mashburn b. 1 Apr 1882 d. 25 Feb 1950
                9 Della Mashburn
                  m. John Brannon
                9 Mattie Mashburn b. 10 Apr 1877
                9 Claude E. Mashburn b. 7 Nov 1914
                9 Edwin T. Mashburn b. 12 Aug 1917
              8 Robert Jefferson Msahburn b. 12 Apr 1857 d. 4 May 1938
                m. Mary Ann Gladney
                m. Dollie Duffey
                m. ABT 1890 Sarah Robertson
                m. ABT 1897 Mimmie C. McComick
                9 Martha Julie Mashburn b. ? Oct 1892
                9 Sammy Mashburn
                9 Arlin Rowe Mashburn b. 13 May 1896
                9 Vernia Mashburn
                9 McKinley Melvin Mashburn b. 29 Mar 1902
                9 Lessie Bea Mashburn b. 21 Jan 1905
                9 Zoa Mashburn b. ABT 1912
                9 Joseph A. Mashburn b. June 1877
                9 Noah Ollie Mashburn b. March 1879
                9 Robert Jefferson Jr. Mashburn b. 31 May 1881
                9 William Thomas Mashburn b. 2 Aug 1882
                9 John A Mashburn b. August 1886
                9 Ernest Coggins Mashburn b. July 1889
                9 Daniel H. Mashburn b. September 1889
                9 Mary E. Mashburn b. January 1898
                9 Millie M. Mashburn b. April 1900
              8 Andrew Jackson Mashburn b. 4 Jun 1859 GA d. May 1936
                m. 6 Sep 1880 Amanda John Robertson
                9 Jephtha Walter Mashburn b. 24 Nov 1881
                9 Robert Jessee Mashburn b. 4 Feb 1884
                9 Jasper Oliver Mashburn b. 25 Mar 1886
                9 Polly Ann Mashburn b. 13 Oct 1888
                9 James Bunion Mashburn b. 1 Feb 1891
                9 Arthur Newman Mashburn b. 4 Sep 1893
                9 Pearlie May Mashburn b. 13 Mar 1895
                9 Oacar Sargent Mashburn b. 1 Nov 1899
                9 William Fredick Mashburn b. 1 Mar 1902
              8 John Davis Mashburn b. 1 Nov 1861
                m. 3 Aug 1895 Whitesville, AL  Margret A.M. Pruett
              8 Ozias Almarine Mashburn b. 1 Dec 1866 Charleston County, TN d. 6 Jun 1937
                m. 12 Oct 1890 Dollie Alice Baker
                9 Jethro Patterson Mashburn
                9 William Chester Mashburn
                9 Pearlie Mae Mashburn
                9 Marcus Telford Mashburn
                9 Lorin Brenion Mashburn
                9 Ocia Annie Mashburn
                9 Dulice Desmer Mashburn
                9 Carlos Ruskin Mashburn
                9 Ruby Louola Mashburn
                9 Oscar Aro Mashburn
                9 Bertie Dollie Mashburn
                9 Myrnie Lee Mashburn
                9 Mildred Lorene Mashburn
            7 Nancy Emily Mashburn b. 1828 d. 1921
              m. Joseph Garrett Jr.
            7 Thomas M. Mashburn b. 1830 d. 1853
            7 Elizabeth Mashburn b. March 1834 North Carolina
              m. 27 Aug 1848 Gilmer County, GA  Jessie Jefferson Holden d. 1920
              Jesse farmed & worked the copper mines for several years. He lived to be
                            about 102 of age. He died about 1920 and is buried with his wife & three
                            daughters in the Sugar Creek Baptist Church Cemetery. Worked as interpreter
                            during the Indean removal & served both confederate & union armies during
                            civil war. While in confederate he was taken prisoner by union army. As a
                            condition for his release he was required to sign an oath of alligance to the
                            union & was drafted to the union army.
            7 Allen Mashburn b. 1836
            7 Rebecca Mashburn b. 1837
              m. Augustus Dover
            7 Sarah Mary Mashburn b. 1840
              m. Andrew J. Gudger
          6 Mary Mashburn b. bef 1794
            m. Peter Watts
          6 Nancy Mashburn b. bef 1794
            m. Peter Long
          6 Matthew A Mashburn b. abt 1798 Burke Co, NC d. AFT 1880 Macon Co, NC
            m. Catherine Rayburn
          6 William Mashburn b. bef 1800
          6 Ann Mashburn b. bef 1802 Burke Co, NC d. AFT 1880
          6 Hodge Mashburn b. 7 Sep 1804 Burke Co. NC
            m. Jane Allen
          6 Elizabeth Mashburn b. bef 1810
            m. Burton Williams
          6 Huldah Mashburn b. bef 1810
            m. John Rouse Edwards
          6 Frances Msahburn b. ABT 1810
          6 Conney Mashburn b. abt 1816
            m. Nathan Jameson
    3 Jethro Mashburn
  2 Sarah Mashburn b. 25 Aug 1734
  2 Samuel Mashburn b. 9 Jan 1738-39 

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