Chip's Table Tennis Page

(updated 02/10/2006)

Chip Patton (that's me):

I recently played a match against USA table tennis legend Danny Seemiller at the 4-star Newgy Open in Murfreesboro, TN. Here you can see Danny has just hit a backhand at me using the grip that is named for him. (9/18/2005 photo by Michael Wetzel)

I had a very old table tennis set passed on to me that once belonged to my great uncle, Sherman Brooks. Here's a photo of the set which was manufactured by Marks Bros.; and another of the moth-eaten Directions sheet. Another copy of this set can be viewed at The Table Tennis Museum under the 1920s-30s TT Sets section, picture number 6.

Here's a couple photos of me by reknowned table tennis photographer John Oros at the 2000 Decatur Open in Alabama. In the first I'm about to serve. In the second I've just hit a vicious forehand; I'm sure it was for a winner. Note the "t" logo for my new company, Tpresence, Inc. Also note Table Tennis of New England's phone number on our sponsor banner in the background, that's 1-800-366-PONG !

Here I've got 2 time Olympian Jimmy Butler right where I want him. See how I'm preparing to back-peddle toward my aggressive defensive position before I've even returned his serve? Jimmy gave me a good natured thrashing on his way to winning the 1997 Decatur Open. (9/97, photo by Mike Wetzel)

And here I am serving during the 1995 Decatur Open (9/95, photo by Mike Wetzel)

Autographed congratulations from Miss Alabama

A couple photos for Table Tennis history buffs. The first is the set manufactured by The Marks Brothers Co. It was my Great Uncle Lee Sherman Brooks' when he was a kid. I haven't found a date, could be 1930's or 40's? (Yes, that's sandpaper.) The second is a close up of the included directions for the set.

Some of us Olympic Table Tennis Volunteers relax after trading pins at The Varsity. From left: Athlete Escort Supervisor Charles Kite, Statistician Chip Patton, Athlete Escort Ernesto Kawamoto and Sports Information Supervisor Mike Wetzel. (7/96, Photo by member of The Varsity staff)

More Images of Me at ! Look for my name under "9th Annual Decatur Open Table Tennis Championships" (Also I'm in one under "Alabama State Table Tennis Championships" for 2000.)

Recent Rating: 1906

Lifetime High Rating: 1938

Current Equipment: Stiga Offensive Classic WRB blade with Magna 2.0 red and Butterfly Magnitude 1.9 (med pips) black

Style: All-around/Defensive; Right handed

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