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Me ...

Here's a Timeline of Highlights from my software career (but its not a resume).

Here's me receiving the 1995 Intergraph Federal Systems President's Award. (1st Place, $1,000)
A little more recently I was written up in the Pittsburgh Business Times: As Submitted| As Printed

My reviews of some industry written material and audio material.

Currently I'm back at Intergraph, Public Safety this time: IPS.

"... helping organizations see clearly."

Disclaimer: All views expressed here are my own and are not necessarily shared nor condoned by my employer.

Recently an Associate of: Symbol Technologies.

"The Enterprise Mobility Company"

Still in touch with: HyperActive Technologies (R) (

"A revolution for the Quick Serve Industry..."

"We won't be stopped by pickles." -- Stated by a founder at a company meeting

Formerly employed by: Tpresence, Inc.

"Forgive us our tpresences as we forgive those who tpresence against us." -- Anonymous on a company whiteboard

Previous employer:

Intergraph: "Solutions for the Technical Desktop"

Previous employer:

Boeing: "Forever New Frontiers"

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