Whence Came Caralyn

(aka Sleepy Fireworks)

  by C. Richard Patton

  A worn out wandering fatalist,
  I dreamt I were a novelist;
  Whose punctuation swallowed up
  The seventeen sisters who sought me out.

  They lined up cars that seemed to reach
  A wholesome depth on a rubbled beach
  Strewn with bracken and one ruby peach:
  Red exocarp, orange mesocarp.

  A stone fruit fecundated
  Precipitates a self mutated
  An almond scented labor of love
  Cherished by demons as drawn from above
  The scantilous scour of Satanly cherubs
  Quilently descends on a salt marsh of shrubs.

  They've come to reap a harvest virile
  A somniferous extract, Sandman's laetrile
  Pull the plunger, suck it dry
  Ex-videus mucous, puddin'n'pie

  The cars drive off, the sunsets fade
  A dwindling line of dames pervade
  One point in effervescence shined
  A soul of fire midnight outlined.

  I'll write a writ I have in mind:
  Years have counted to five agin
  Aft we bred'n'bore our Caralyn.

  She'll have this gist and perpetuate
  A doublend candle she'll resonate
  Burning, burning, conflagration
  Cock sure female consternation.

  While sparkling cherry's fruited pits
  Culminate in white hot spits
  The first offspring no more solitude
  Safe nests in quiescent hebetude 

  Now fold up shop and take us home
  Familiar words we wish to roam
  Relegate your complex plot
  Puke up please the apricot
  Forget the crimson night mascot
  Embrace the seed and drop to sleep:
  Red-ripened drupe, black sleep'n'droop.

    ~~  ~~  ~~

A drawing of exocarp, mesocarp.
hebetude: n. Lethargy, dullness. See also: drupe
("An almond scented labor of love" would also have made a nice title, perhaps on another work....)