For late summer we're sprucing up the inside a little!

(updated 09/12/2005, or later)


(These are all done with a cheap digital camera and the color is sometimes a bit off)

Photos taken by Chip in August and September

We found some nice, light furniture at LL Bean. It's reconfigurable as a sectional or as a sofa and chaise, etc. We also got the area rug from LL Bean.

In order to avoid the new furniture fading and the rug, too; and to keep out some afternoon heat from the sun blazing through those upper family room windows, we are installing some window film. This stuff is harder to work with than wallpaper but it seems to work. Here you can see, in the full sun, that the left window hasn't been covered yet:

My mom painted a wooden merganser duck plaque for our house on Merganser Blvd. Madelyn has also repainted the walls, brown in the family room and the same light green but with a satin finish in the breakfast/kitchen area.

We also put up a painting that my mom did on a board, above the kitchen sink. It fits nicely:

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