Even More of the Great Alabama House Hunt 2004 !

(updated 06/08/2004, or later)


(Warning this first batch were all done with a cheap digital camera and the color is sometimes a bit off)
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167 Merganser

This is it !!

At Valley MLS Nice bonus room, one of the bigger laundry rooms I've seen in a house that wasn't otherwise badly flawed, looks like other stuff will be nice, too Biggest downside is the fireplace partly separating the kitchen (and breakfast is in between). We've had him change that !

The front window on left is Master BR, right of front door is Dining Room, upstairs center window is BedRm 2, window over garage is Bonus Room Almost full brick, white vinyl accents. $214,500

From the Right

Side door is to garage, window on side is Laundry. Small back window is above kitchen sink, French doors to Breakfast area, ~10 x 14 deck will be there. Big windows to right in picture are the Great Room. Upstairs windows are bedrooms 4 and 3 (left to right)

Square window on back is Master Bath, so is the little window on the side.

Dining Room, Front door is unseen to camera right.

Master to Great Room, door on left is into the Master glamour bath, walk in closet in there on left, will be dual sink, whirlpool tub, shower and toilet below little window.

Great room from front door

Great Room toward kitchen, breakfast is in between. Note the "see through" fireplace partially divides the kitchen/breakfast from the Great; hearths boxed on the floor that would have taken up some floor space have been removed and a "window" put in above the fireplace.

Kitchen to Breakfast to Great.

Kitchen to Breakfast, the door on the left is to the laundry and garage.

Decent sized Laundry, broom closet at far end, utility sink hookup, door to garage is to right, kitchen is to left.

Up the stairs and to the left (back of house) is bedroom 3 on left and 4 on the right, these doors are angled and cut off a corner of each room.

Up the stairs, first door on right is Bed Room 2

Up the stairs straight ahead is the main bath, single sink, standard tub/shower.

Good sized Bonus room with angled ceilings

From inside the Bonus back toward the hall

New Pictures 5/22 !

(I took more with the good camera but have to get them developed.)

Master Bedroom paint is Fresh Moss -- this cheap digital camera does not do the colors justice at all -- they look good!

Most of the tile and cabinets are in place but the tile isn't grouted. The accent tiles add class, don't they?

The Powder room also has accent tiles, they are darker to go with the "sawgrass" colored walls (again colors are not good with this camera)

The Dining Room has nice contrast with dark green "Fern" above the chair rail and white below.

The Breakfast Area desk is being built in; extra cabinets over here, too

The kitchen cabinets are nice and light colored, all the way to the ceiling. The space on the left is for the dishwasher, straight ahead will be the stove with microwave above; the refridgerator is out of sight to the right with another piece of counter and cabinet.

New Pictures 5/26 !

What's that doing here?!? That's my apartment, from the living room to the dining/kitchen!

The front yard getting ready for sod.

Gutters nicely doubled on the back right corner, and piped from one tier of roof to the next.

Gutters on the back left corner.

The deck.

The deck, again.

The crown moulding in the dining room looks fine now.

The accent tiles contrast nicely with the floor, go with the wall.

You can't tell the color of the counter in this shot, it looks good.

They reversed the color of the tile in the Great Room vs. the Breakfast room; it's supposed to be light in the Breakfast Room (and light on top, which it is). I'll call them tomorrow morning.

The dark tile in the Breakfast Room, should be light. Sigh.

New Pictures 5/27. Getting closer !

It's a brand new tub-full-o-Chip!! (Photo by Michael Wetzel) The sinks are in, too.

Without the Chip.

They put up a number of lights today, including the fan in the master bedroom, the porch ceiling lights, Nathaniel's fan, the upstairs hall lights, etc.

The Breakfast Nook table light (it's chain is tied up still).

The Breakfast light, from the other direction.

The Dining Room chandelier.

The smooth top range, oven and microwave, by Whirlpool.

The 8" deep sink and diswasher (neither is quite fully installed).

New Pictures 6/02. Mostly fixtures, plants.

There are some handy details like this outlet on the end of the breakfast bar. Also I looked at the dishwasher, it is also a Whirlpool, a Quiet Partner II

The fan in Caralyn's room

The fan in Nathaniel's room

The fan in the Great Room room

The light in the Foyer

The Powder room, with toilet

The Master shower

The Master tub

The small door to some under roof storage in the Bonus Room

The Utility Sink

There's a brass metal strip between the wood and tile floors at the kitchen/laundry room border

The water heater in the garage

The main front yard tree, there's another one to the left

The shrubs out front

These Crepe Myrtles will flower white, which should look nice with the house trim.

The A/C unit on the right side of the house, with some evergreen shrubs in the background; it's a Lennox brand unit

The A/C unit on the Left side of the house, with holly shrub in front of it; it's also a Lennox brand unit

New Pictures 6/06. Mostly the grass is down!

The standard Bridgefield neighborhood mailbox -- with our number on it.

The front walk.

The view from the front door toward the street.

A washed out photo of our plush new sod.

The 167 embedded to the left of the garage door, also the electrical boxes in the brick have been mortared in now.

The carpet in the Master bedroom, through the front window.

Room dimensions:
Garage: 23 x 23'8
Powder: 4'4" x 5'5"
Master: 15 x 12
Master Bath: ? x ? includes walk-in closet, glass block window, dual sinks, whirlpool tub, shower, commode w/window above
Great: 20'6 x 15, fireplace
Breakfast: 13 x 13, fireplace
Kitchen: 13'6 x 11
Laundry: 13 x 5'9
Main Bathroom: Yes
Bedroom 2: 11'4 x 11'6
Bedroom 3: 12 x 11'6
Bedroom 4: 12 x 10
Bonus Room: 20'6 x 14, plus more, kind of "T" shaped, plenty of room to exercise or play ping pong, plus have a futon for guest sleep, etc.
Dining: 12'6 x 12
Foyer: 6'6 x 7'6
Deck: Yes

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