Goodrich for Congress in Alabama's Fourth District

The 90s: A Decade of Progress

Texas, 1993:

Yugoslavia, 1999:

This site is being reorganized (and it's about time!). In the meantime, here are links to old favorites and some new scribblings:



Older Rants

... including The Rule of Jaw, Java Madness, Agoraphobia, Blowing Smoke, Quarrel with a conservative, and Sorry, Charley, my Christmas column of two years ago.

   (Have you done your taxes yet? Will you get a refund?)

... and the original G4C home page and the Libertarian Party of Alabama are still in their usual places.

  Browne, Libertarian for President

I'm still trying to figure out how to best organize this mess; comments and suggestions are welcome. In the meantime,

Happy Times Joey ready for a ride on the Tennessee
to you and yours from me and mine.

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