Welcome to the home of Source Code. This is the electronic music project of Dave Cornutt, an aerospace software engineer based in Huntsville, AL USA.

About Source Code

My goal in creating Source Code is, quite simply, to explore what I can do with the musical instrument that I feel most comfortable with -- that being the synthesizer. The musical style of Source Code is likely to be all over the place, as I have a variety of influences house/techno/trance to classical and I intend to investigate all of them. Like many synth players of my age, I was influenced as a child by hearing Switched-on Bach, and a few years later by the work of Edgar Winter and Keith Emerson. In my teens, I was influenced by progressive rock, such as Genesis and Yes, but also by the synth pioneers like Larry Fast and Tangerine Dream, with some influence also from the more experimental rockers such as Rush. The early 1980s were my college years, and those were the years when synths started becoming more affordable, resulting in the explosion of New Wave with keyboards, and synth pop. As my musical tastes expanded, I started paying more attention to classical, and soon found myself pursuing some of the work of the Modernists like Stravinsky and Cage. There's a little bit of all of this in Source Code -- plus some circuit and software strangeness that comes from my engineering and mathematics background.

What you will hear here: Some sequenced stuff. Some keyboard chops, maybe a solo here and there. Some melodic stuff. Some very weird and admittedly hard-to-listen-to stuff. Analog synths. Digital synths. Software synths. What-the-heck-is-that synths. Short songs. Long songs. Pretentious multi-part songs. What you won't hear: A lot of vocals (maybe later). A lot of cheese (hopefully). A lot of politics. (Politics has its place. Art is generally not that place.) Anything too terribly explicit or X-rated. (Not that I have anything against X-rated stuff, but it's not what I do.)

Source Code Studio and Gear

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M1000X, a patch editor runnning under Macintosh OSX, for the Oberheim Matrix-6, 6R, and 1000 synths.

M1000X Page

Mailing lists of interest:

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SynthSights -- It's not about the gear

SynthDIY -- It is about the gear

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