-- by David K. Cornutt

Page last updated 3/5/2006

M1000X is a patch editor for the Oberheim Matrix-6, 6R, and 1000 synthesizers. It provides editing controls for all patch paramaters and many of the master parameters that effect all patches.

It's Here! It's been a long time in the works, but M1000X version 1.0 is ready! Download it now and open the Help folder to see examples of the new user interfaces.

System Requirements

OSX version 10.3 or later is required. A two-way connection with the synthesizer, with both the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT connected to the computer's MIDI interface, is highly recommended.


The download is approximately 1.8M bytes, and is in the form of a compressed disk image file.

Click here to download M1000X Version 1.0