Well, we did it! What a great time it was...wonderful to see everyone!

Curious about what your friends had to say about the Reunion??

Read these excerpts...

(Read beyond the nice "thanks for doing this" comments to the deeper embedded comments of how much it meant for folks to see band *family*, and to remember what we had that we'd almost forgotten about, since our last Spring Concert years ago.)

Karen Kirkpatrick Kennedy wrote and recorded these comments about the reunion, which played on WLRH Public Radio

Now, how do we keep in touch in case there *really* is a sequel to the BIG event?

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Email digital pictures from the reunion to John King '79 at Biscuits@pacbell.net, or mail duplicate prints for him to scan to:

John King
1328 Havenhurst #107
West Hollywood, CA. 90046

He'll build a website for us to share the pictures (Great offer! - thanks John!).

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GHS Band Reunion 1969-85
 "The Ward/Sparks Era"
2604 Hickory Flats Trail
Huntsville AL 35801
Cindy Coker
Trumpet, 1979