William Cornelius Family Cemetery

Township 13 South, Range 1 East, Section 2

Location: Near the old railroad tracks a few hundred yards South of the Oneonta High School

Information and pictures provided by Robert C. Johnston, Jr. [rcj@mindspring.com] who writes this cemetery contains about 15 graves with only two with readable tombmonuments, and two distinctively marked large carved monuments in the center. Years ago, some of the tall thin tombmonuments were pulled up and laid flat in an effort to preserve them from being vandalized. Unfortunately, contact with the soil has caused the engravings to become rendered mostly illegible.

View of the edge of the woods near the cemetery

Cook, Lettice, 8 Apr 1797 — 18 Sep 1829, [daughter of William and Lettice Cornelius]

Cornelius, Lettice, [wife of William Cornelius, said to be buried near William]

Cornelius, William, [raised monument slab crypt; top broken; no inscription recorded; William was a Matross in the Continental Army from North Carolina. He died in 1842. William has a Revolutionary War marker from the Veterans Administration, but since they require placement of their markers in cemeteries receiving routine maintenance, the William Cornelius marker is located in the Easley Church of the Brethren Cemetery about three miles away. Some of William's descendants are buried at Easley. The William Cornelius Family Cemetery is located on his old homestead which he obtained in 1820 as registered with the Huntsville Land Office. ]

Waid, Rufus, died 1834

View of the cemetery with scattered large monuments formerly marking gravesites

Possible final resting place for William Cornelius (died 1842)