The One People’s Public Trust
and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
(updated Aug. 18, 2017)

        A UCC Financing Statement Applies Only in One Jurisdiction (a good explanation of the UCC is posted here).
The Uniform Commercial Code is nothing like that represented on a number of websites on the Net. The UCC is a suggested set of commercial laws that States can enact applicable within their jurisdictions, but there is no “uniformity” among all States. Each State has enacted its own version of the UCC with modifications to the suggested version, and while there is general uniformity across this country, there is no absolute uniformity. After all, the commercial laws regarding oil and gas are far more developed in Texas than in Vermont. And the banking laws are more developed in New York than in Wyoming.

The “UCC” adopted by a particular state applies only within its jurisdiction and not outside of it. Thus, a “UCC” transaction that occurs in Washington State has no effect outside of that State. An alleged UCC transaction in Washington State is further not applicable worldwide. The UCC laws in Washington have no effect in Idaho, the adjoining state.

Here is a real world example. Texarkana, Texas/Arkansas is a city sitting on the border of Texas and Arkansas, with “State Line Avenue” dividing the city between Texas and Arkansas. Suppose a construction firm having business and assets in Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana (90 miles south of Texarkana) seeks a loan from a Texas bank in Texarkana. If that bank desires a security interest in the assets of that company, it must file a “UCC financing statement” in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. Simply filing a “UCC financing statement” in Texas would not encumber the assets of the company or comply with the UCC laws in Arkansas or Louisiana. Consequently, that same financing statement must be filed in the other states.

        A UCC Financing Statement (or Similar Document Evidencing Consent) Require the Debtor’s Signature.

Mortgages on land typically happen when land is being sold. A buyer of such land typically secures a loan from a bank, and the security for the loan is the land. A borrower signs both a promissory note, which is the evidence of the debt, and the mortgage, which secures payment of the loan, and these transactions are governed by state law. The UCC governs similar transactions that do not involve land but personal property like a car or equipment. There is both a promissory note evidencing the debt, and the financing statement acts like a mortgage, but it applies only to the personal property. The borrower/debtor must sign both the note and some document granting the security interest in the personal property subject to the financing statement. This is required pursuant to UCC § 9-509. A financing statement or other similar instrument that is not signed by the debtor has no legal effect.

        The One People’s Public Trust.

In 2012, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf started a scam. She created this alleged trust, and then filed a UCC financing statement that allegedly encumbered all of the assets of all governments around the world as well as the assets of banks and other large corporations. But, there are huge problems with this contention. First, the alleged debtors did not sign any promissory note and certainly did not sign any financing statements or similar instruments. As such, these alleged transactions are void and have no legal substance or validity. But ignoring this problem, a financing statement filed in Washington State could only be valid there, and it would not apply in any other state in this country. And it certainly would not be valid in any other part of the world. Further, Tucci-Jarraf did not obtain the alleged debtor’s signature to the financing statement or a similar document. What she claims happened simply did not, and her claims are thus false.

Nonetheless, she then claimed that she foreclosed on these “debtors”, thus freeing the  entire world. Typically when a lender forecloses, the lender takes possession of the property and then conducts a public sale of the pledged assets. Tucci-Jarraf never took possession of anything and never held any sale. All of the claims she makes regarding this entire transaction are false, but she has used these false claims to deceive the gullible, especially her claim that every American was going to receive 5 billion bux (or tons of gold) as a result of what she did with OPPT.

Once she gained a group of followers, she started asking for funds to buy several motor homes to travel around the country to speak about the OPPT (the OPAL tour). After buying such vehicles, she and a group went on a tour, eventually ending in Florida, where she came up with a new idea: start a commune in Morocco with a free energy device. In 2013, she and a number of her followers moved to Morroco, and lived there for a while promoting communal living and free energy. But when the contributions dried up, the community fell apart and Heather eventually moved back to the U.S. of A. A more detailed discussion of Heather is posted here.  A video presentation is posted here.

In 1999, Roger Elvick developed and promoted the "redemption process", the features of which involved the "strawman" names in CAPS argument, UCC, and Treasury Direct Accounts (explained here).  The assertion that every American has lots of funds on deposit in a Treasury Direct Account is nothing but utter nonsense, a wild and crazy idea. To have such an account, you must open one with the US Treasury and deposit funds into that account, from which you can buy and sell US debt instruments. Tucci-Jarraf has recently started this baseless argument all over again.

Heather contends that every American has such an account and funds may be drawn from it. To withdraw those funds, one must use a check with a particular routing number having some relationship to your SSN. She also claims that, via some process similar to NESARA, those funds are available now. Randall Beane tried this process, obtained a half million bux, then bought a large, expensive motor home. Both Heather and Randall have been indicted.

Randall Beane recently stated:
Heather’s UCC law filings have been followed by a widely diverse group of beings who have to deal with the court systems which are all based on UCC law and its international equivalents.  They may arrest you on a criminal charge but they always convert that to a “TRUE BILL” which is an undisclosed UCC “bill of lading” for human cargo which they monetize against the same TDA accounts the courts claim are “fictiious” and non-existant.  The legal dictionaries define it as an “indictment” but that truly is not what it is.  Every court case is monetized for millions of dollars as are prison bonds and court bonds.  China is the largest purchaser of US court bonds, holding an undue amount of financial influence on the court systems.
Roger Elvick made the same baseless claim. This whole story is nothing but the manifestations of the lunatic fringe.