Fred & Nina

Seminar gurus attract audiences with patriotic appeals and then sell worthless legal arguments that often do not help, but also get the buyer into deeper trouble. Fred and Nina Gutierrez packaged their “get outa debt” program by wrapping it with an American flag. It is easy to invent a completely baseless argument to sell to the innocents.

Rather than discuss their program, below are presented several comments received via email:

 4-19-12 CALLER TELLS ALL! ISSUES WARNING TO FRED GUTIERREZ - Describes meeting Fred and Nina Gutierrez, gave money, talks about likeability of Fred and Nina, mentions Fred as certified Clinical Psychiatrist, describes Fred as "cunning, calculating, strategizing predator, manipulating people's weaknesses", made self guinea pig of Fred and Nina's methods in spite of warnings they were schisters, alleges lack of disclosure, methods flawed, donated thousands of dollars in electronic equipment, plane tickets, etc. Thousands of dollars pre-paid on product orders via credit cards and checks without ever receiving product and/or materials, told chances of receiving product was "zero", alleges "fraud" and "black magic", accosted by others who did not receive product, talks about despicable use of churches, relationship distressing, people being taken advantage of, lists authorities contacted, encourages victims to submit complaints, happy to have met Jack and Margy Flynn - LISTEN

4-19-12 Same caller testifies dozens of people enrolled in EFT's and none worked and that seminar attendees were used as "guinea pigs", indicates lenders cannot be forced to accept EFT's from an external agent, EFT's don't stick and are reversed, talks about inexperienced people being at a disadvantage in court, lack of full disclosure, inability of Fred to provide substantiation of successes, etc. -

Email: July 9, 2012

Hi, All,

Important F.Y.I.

This email came to us from John Gutierrez, the eldest son of the family into which Fred Gutierrez was born. John has been in contact with us for a few weeks, now, about what Fred & Nina Gutierrez, along with Kelby Smith, are doing with their seminars and their "" website.

Once John learned the extent of the fraud which these three "ministers" are perpetrating in seminars throughout the country, inducing attendees to give "donations" to get "free" help to get rid of their debts, John told us he was horrified, alarmed, outraged and very concerned that his family name is being ruined. He is very upset that Fred and Nina are using "God and family" to deceive people.

John said he is fully intent on stopping Fred, Nina and Kelby from doing this and is seeking complaints in the form of affidavits from anyone who has been deceived by them and their phony "process". To this end, John has just created a website to counter their scam, which you can access by the link included below. He also arranged a conference call on talkshoe with Tad Patterson which took place this past Tuesday night. You can hear the recorded call by going to the talkshoe site.

If you or anyone you know has been victimized by Fred, Nina and Kelby, please check out the website, which has audio and written accounts of real people's bad experiences with them, as well as information which rebuts the false claims made by Fred and shows Kelby Smith to be a longtime scam artist. The link to John's website is below, as well as a link to talkshoe.

Please send this email far and wide, and encourage everyone who may have been duped by these conscienceless people to contact John and to make complaints to the authorities.

Email: July 1, 2014

We were victimized by Fred & Nina, even put them up for 1 year here in Kansas because their family was being UNJUSTLY being persued. They left us with $1300.00 in Electric Bills, $200 in cable and a mess with our home in foreclosure, lost our butt in court on a car that we actually got title and MSO on...Im needing info on what you know about them, like Nina's Maiden name if you know it.

Email: July 8, 2014

Regarding Fred & Nina Guitierrez
Temecula, went to meetings in San Diego
3 friends in custody for using EFT

Philippina lada friend Tina - SWAT broke into her house while she not there, broke her door down, her kids were there on spring break.  One of children talked to Detective Montana, he said "Look, if your mother files a complaint, I will have her arrested at the station."

Mr. Wong, French Valley (part of Murrieta/Temecula) has court, man arrested at his job site.

Another got arrested at the court, gave him 8 years, added 5 more for not cooperating with the D.A..  Had two lawyers, fired both of them, went with friend Marc, brilliant in law, not lawyer, took case from public to private and got rid of the 13 years.

Another lady with GPS on ankle got arrested.  Cops called her a paper terrorist.

What is EFT?  You can use any kid of write off to do that, but apparently the judges of the land came down on people doing EFT in California.  I tried to do an affidavit here in Orange County, and Riverside, and got turned down.

All of my friends who did EFT lost their homes, including me, because of foreclosure.  I got somebody to stall the foreclosure, my loan was upside down, I did my EFT to Wells Fargo servicer, and to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, owned by foreigners in the middle east.

I know Fred and Nina Gutierrez lived in Las Vegas, had to leave, I think they moved back to Hawaii which had a bench warrant for his arrest.

I put hundreds and hundreds of hours into studying EFT, I have a whole folder full of information.  My friend John Garza just lost his home in Tustin Ranch.  They moved to San Diego and rent a house there.

I'm on disability right now.  I wanted my daughter to move in to house and I gave her a break, I was a year behind on my property taxes, I had 5 years from County to pay it, I got a notice from the servicer Wells Fargo that I had to pay extra in my payments, but I was out of work. I lost my house 2 years ago.  My wife works in Quality Control with a company that makes heart valves and stings, Abbott Labs.

I found out our birth certificate and social security number are being used to generate stocks and print out money.  We didn't get the original, the government got it.  I did an EFT for my house, they threatened to take me to court, then I found out through others that nobody is winning an EFT case that we knew of.  Nina said we could get our house back, but never mentioned any names or what part of the country.  I got tired of listening to Fred's redundant jokes.  I wanted to learn how to save my home from the vultures.

We're looking at 100 to 125 people at a time in the seminar.  Fred said "If you can't afford the second and third day, we'll give you a discount."

Email: July 19, 2016

Read your blog...I am Nina Gutierrez's big sister. Her full name is Laurette Janina Tice Gutierrez. I know of people who have been swindled by them, including our own mother. The post about the people who put them up in their home for a year only to be left with bills and a mess is standard m.o. for them. They moved in on my mother's friend in Las Vegas, trashed her home, and left her with bills unpaid. When I confronted my sister, she claimed they were paying $3000 a month in groceries, so didn't owe the woman anything. I pointed out that she and her 8 children may have had something to do with that grocery bill. I love my sister, but Fred's sociopathy claimed another victim when he bamboozled her. Last we knew, they were making plans to flee the country to Costa Rica.

Email: July 14, 2017

 i understand where you are coming from. I , too, want them stopped. They hurt me and even worse,  badly gouged my friend.   the last word I heard was one of their sons married the daughter of a baptist minister in Kennewick, Washington. the ministers name is Frank Carter. Fred is so paranoid about his life that most of his kids don't have social security cards; and none of the eight have ever attended school.  Fred and Nina have not filed an income tax for years.

 Fred always tells his audiences that he was a clinical psychologist. His father, with the same name, was a doctor of psychology and earned his degrees where Fred junior got his bachelor's. so if someone checked his credentials  there was the name Fred Gutierrez at that university. (Eastern Washington University) One man Fred has always stayed in touch with is a retired minister by the name of Pastor Sandgren. I believe he is in Kennewick, Washington as Frank carter is his son-in-law and is pastor at the retired one's former church. When Fred's mother was still trying to contact him, she called pastor sandgren and begged to be put in touch with Fred: he refused. so of course Fred had told some horrific lies about her.  I would appreciate being informed of anything to do with this family. thank you,

        Sheila Greenwalt