Joe Flickinger

Con-artists have been present and very active in this movement, and have had a very detrimental effect. Many years ago while in Texas, I encountered Dan Gonzalez, who conducted many seminars all across Texas and the West. His routine was to conduct a para-legal seminar, make lots of outlandish promises to members of his audiences that he would satisfactorily address their legal problems with his pro se work, collect fees from those victims, and then vanish. This is the same routine that Ken Hunter later used.

Not only have gurus spun huge tales regarding their “blow-em-outa the water” para-legal work, a number have offered their victims “investment” programs that presumably could make people incredibly rich.  One very prominent organization conducted closed “membership only” meetings offshore, where various “investment advisors” would speak and beguile those in attendance. I know folks who have lost more than 1.5 million with these “Ponzi” scheme “investments”. John W. Zidar did the same thing.

Joe Flickinger was no different from those noted above. More than a decade ago, he was conducting meetings that attracted people who were concerned about the course and direction in which this country was headed. At these meetings, he convinced these concerned citizens that he could make them rich with the “investment program” he offered, that in reality was a Ponzi scheme.

Here are various linked documents that demonstrate what Flickinger was doing. First, an indictment returned in the Southern District of Ohio was filed against him in February, 2004, charging conspiracy and mail fraud. See Case No. 2:04-cr-00019. Thereafter, having spent lots of the "investment funds" of his clients on cars and toys for himself and his girlfriend, he tried to find an investment that was very lucrative, but got scammed by another investment guru. In April, 2005, a new criminal information was filed against Flickinger, and in December, 2005, a civil injunction and forfeiture complaint was filed against him.  Ultimately, Flickinger settled the criminal charges by a plea, and he received a sentence of 60 months. He also did not contest forfeiture.