Roger Elvick
(posted Labor Day, 2017)

Roger Elvick learned about Treasury Direct Accounts (“TDA”) while he was in jail for a theft conviction during the late ‘90s. See some cases involving him linked here. After his release, he developed the “redemption process” which was simply a combination of several groundless ideas then popular: names in CAPs, UCC, birth certificates, 1933 bankruptcy, etc. Simply stated, his contention was that TDAs had been created by the Social Security Act of 1935, and every American had an account with at least 630,000 bux in it. To access the funds in this account, one only needed to “recapture” his “strawman” using UCC procedures, and once this was done, that party could write hot checks payable by the US Treasury.

Elvick explained this contention to Dave DeReimer and Jean Keating, and the maddening promotion of this argument started. Soon, seminars were being conducted all over the country. Promoters of this argument represented to the innocents who attended their seminars that the factual and legal bases for this argument were correct. Please remember that gurus use fraudulent statements to deceive the gullible.

Between 2000 and 2002, many people were recapturing their strawmen and writing checks to buy cars, boats, and other expensive toys and items. But soon, the indictments were flying. I conducted an informal survey where I concluded that at least 200 people implementing this program got into trouble by using it, mostly via indictments. The promoters made money conducting these seminars and selling indictments to their “customers”.  But when trouble loomed on the horizon, the seminars stopped.

Even though the redemption process was an utter failure, this did not deter Elvick, and he never changed. In 2007, I received a call from a woman whose husband was in a Phoenix jail for stealing a car. She sent me a letter she had typed for her husband who was asking advice from Elvick regarding how to resolve his criminal charges (this woman was not a client of mine). But, this letter demonstrates that Elvick always was nothing but a thief, who wore patriotic garb.

For a while, the “redemption process” was revised, but resulted in no improvements. Before Elvick disappeared from the scene, he taught Winston Shrout some novel ideas that became the foundation for the disastrous “1099-OID” tax returns program promoted by "Dr. Sam Kennedy".