A. David Wynn Miller
(updated Aug. 18, 2017)

 For several years, I have watched the insanity promoted by that crazy guru, David Miller. Here is his website, which is crazy.  He claims that he has a sleeping deficiency and has not slept for many years, thus he can stay up all night and study law. His legal theories, among many other flaky arguments, include an argument that one must avoid use of prepositions in legal motions and documents. Perhaps I do not know precisely his arguments; that's because I cannot understand them as they are utterly crazy. Here is part of a pleading he filed in a court; can you understand it?

Miller also went to Australia years ago to "help" some people there and apparently made an argument in court for one of them. Here are some Aussie comments about DW Miller, and on this page you will find an item that at one time was posted on Miller’s website:

"I’ll start my correlation of events when David was 25 years of age, as I feel this is critical to my story. David had a kidney disorder that required surgery however the doctor scheduled to operate on the day of surgery was unavailable, and at the last minute was replaced by a Korean doctor who had never operated on any human before, a complete novice. To cut a long story short, the Korean doctor read David’s chart incorrectly and surgically removed both kidney’s including the adrenal glands – David died on the operating table.

"In the Morgue the nurse assisting the autopsy noticed David’s heart, which at this stage was lying on the outside of his body on his chest unsevered, incredulously the heart began to beat! He came back from the dead? Well, yes he did with an IQ of 200 .......go figure.

"The doctors put him back together again, including his perfectly healthy kidney, alive, however now he has 6 times the amount of endorphins you and I have, and so the saga continued.


     Here is a recent note from his "wife":

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From: Colleen Lloyd <justicewanted2001@yahoo.com>
To: .....
Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2001 7:56 PM

I do this with a prayer that the Lord will do what has to be done and guide our actions, and with great reluctance, but also great resolve. I never thought I would be doing this, but I want to expose the truth about this fraud who teaches the "In the Truth" Law Procedures, David Wynn Miller's deception and I would like to have some press and radio on it, immediately and until he is called to repentance. Another Clinton we don't need. What we need is someone who will follow the Lord's program, not put his program above the Lord and deceive people. David Miller is so convinced that his language procedures are the only way, truth and light, that he told me, "Jesus spoke in fiction."

Anyone you know who would do a show where David will have to answer for his lies, which I will go into, or where people can bring issues relating to his deceptions forward for him to have to explain, please contact me at once at 435-632-2321. He will be in Bellingham, Washington Thursday the 23rd, and have a seminar Saturday and Sunday at the Red Baron Suites. I am planning on being there passing out what I have discovered about him, unless he corrects his mistakes publically. I am doing my investigation there to get certain proof I need, and I already have a lot of evidence.

If someone can arrange an interview with him for as soon as he gets off the plane, on the radio by phone, or otherwise, and find out when he will get to the airport and what flight he will be on, he can be investigated from the moment he arrives, which is necessary to get to the truth.

The reason I am contacting you, is that David has consistently trashed and failed to acknowledge Right Way Law, and ALL programs except his, INCLUDING THE LORD'S. He says his procedures disqualify everything else because it is all in fiction. He has made out those like Larry Becroft, Jural Society, who say ANYTHING against him or bring up challenges, etc. to be doing what they are doing because David is taking away their students and income. And now that I see the reality of who he is, and his capacity to confuse and destroy willfully people's lives for his own interests, I think I and the others who have information and who have been hurt by his lies have a right to be heard and people have a right to know so that the wrong can stop. I never thought that I would be called as a witness to discredit him, but I am very sadly, yet very LOUDLY saying that I will do it now.

I am Colleen-Lloyd-Miller, his wife. It is a "common-law" and unusual thing privately between us, which David insisted upon because at first he was so adamant against marriage and could not ever have anything in writing. Being that we both agree that the state is not a partner in the marriage and don't want a license, I said, I don't need it in writing, then, I want a marriage in our hearts and union of our lives to build it together, like Adam and Eve, no papers necessary then. He said, " I can work with that." And we were supposed to get a house...and he is the king of breaking promises.

And he would say he didn't want anyone even knowing about it at first, because he concerned someone out to get him would hurt me. But you could not hide it, and I didn't want to because I am so honest and open, and over the years, it has become pretty known to many that we are a couple, and we are openly very romantic and he pays bills and our phone and internet accounts, etc, and we will be addressed as a wife and husband in those often and at hotels, etc. The reason this is significant is because, since I found out that he was lying about emails that showed he was cheating, he has actually tried to deny that there is any relationship between us at all, and attacked me...like Clinton. It is absolutely chilling to me. The pattern of deception is in his work, too.

And there is more to it, and there were storms like men and women have and wrongs and forgiving and trying again to build a love that lasts. You know how it is. But he would not let me come and be in Milwaukee, because he said I would be unhappy and he was always gone on the seminars and never home, and he would see me more if I was out here, and flew me and had me come to the seminars whenever I could. RIGHT.

I knew that it was not right, and it caused me doubts and I constantly wondered and asked if he was seeing other women, which he denies TO THIS DAY he ever did in 5 years, in spite of the proof I now have, and even his family, friends and closest students telling me...and I wondered why it was that way, and had all the instincts you have that he was lying.

But you have to understand that David stands up there and professes to be all about honor and integrity and the truth, and can be very persuasive and manipulative to get what he wants, and you want to believe him and love and support him. You want to believe someone is about fighting to correct the corrupt courts, who is everyone's hope for...a Saviour?

I just found out, to my great horror, that he had been lying and cheating on me with not just one, but probably many women. I questioned information I got before, but he always denied it. This time I saw emails that proved it, and asked why. I have saved my emails. When I emailed the woman and asked what she meant by her statements, David began his defamation campaign, and still accuses me of being crazy and making it all up.

He tried to claim that Anthony Rees, the woman's ex-boyfriend, sent all of the emails to assassinate his character, because Anthony was involved in a conspiracy to destroy his program. Anthony has emailed me that he absolutely did not create the emails. Paul Newton's website has been created to show the falseness of the claims that people like Anthony investigated. Anthony suggests I go to the public forum rather than to court. I plan to file a complaint/claim against him and his seminar host, "Debbie Anderson" tomorrow for conspiracy and accessory in the crimes of fraud, malice, defamation, libel, reckless endangerment, criminal and willful negligence and adultery. The maliciousness is scary. I see in him the same pattern as we saw in Clinton, who David claims is "one of my students."

And that is why I feel that it is relevant, because of the way people follow him like it is a cult and look to him as some kind of leader, or Messiah-like figure, to the point where they are so blind they are willing to lie and attack anyone who brings forth the truth, and sacrifice that person to the cult and justify anything he does, regardless of any sense of moral integrity. I think he has put his program before the Lord's plan, and it is almost like he is the Creator of this sick religion which he calls law. I am their latest prey.

He is so convinced that his In the Truth language "procedures" are the be all and end all, that last year, when I made a very big step and told him how I wanted to share with him the importance of the Saviour, and my step I made to truly devote my life to the Lord and be willing to place Christ first, all he had to say about Jesus was, "Jesus spoke in fiction."

The Lord was not following David Miller's law procedures. David's plan was apparently superior to the Lord's. This is the arrogance that Satan had, and his downfall, and it is David's downfall also. I was full of the love for the Saviour and realizing how much the Saviour had done for us, and full of faith. I told him that if you believe in Christ, all things are possible, that if the Lord could raise Lazarus from the dead, the Lord would work other miracles. I wanted to bring the Lord into our relationship because I knew that a man and woman must have the spirit of the Lord between them and that is the central pivot, and that it would make everything all right. I wanted a happy home and marriage and family, which had been a struggle to get him to realize the importance of and honor a commitment to. He would say one thing one day, and act like he never said it the next.

What I wanted was to have a shared reverence for the Lord first, between us, because whenever two or more are you gathered in His name, he is there, and I could trust that and be happy. David only said that Jesus could have pulled off the Lazurus trick by faking the death. I have prayed so many times in this relationship to have the truth be made known about if David is a truthful, good man, because of all the attacks made on him and the things I see in my life with him.

I have been David's biggest supporter, and written articles about him every week in the Las Vegas Tribune (one was published on the front page of the American Bulletin) and helped him with seminars and stood by him when students and others brought to me their concerns about his false claims, and when I saw him doing things that I questioned as wrong. I believed he was a good person in spite of the things I heard, and gave him always the benefit of the doubt.

Now I know that he is a great deceiver, and the damage his deceit did to me and his hypocritical, arrogance and mocking, unrepentant attacks on me for seeking the truth are the reason why I see no other way at this point to combat his crimes but to expose him and call him to repentance. The only thing that he seems to understand is being called on the carpet before everyone publically.

I have given them every chance, over and over, to admit they are lying in saying that they did not create the emails which show they are involved in the liaison which they denied to me. They will not. She is a Canadian, and Anthony also discovered this liaison by the emails, after smelling a rat when she would not let him (her fiance) attend the seminar. She is the leader of the citizensvoice.org website which is Citizens Voice for Health Rights, allegedly a non-profit organization. Apparently she has a marijuana addiction problem and cannot go a day without a joint. Which makes you wonder where she is going to get it illegally in this country. She also, he says, has no job, but lives off the money from the seminar/materials/tapes, and lives with her mother in Kelowna Canada. She apparently got into trouble with Revenue Canada and whored her way into David's very busy bed when at a Bellingham seminar last March, to get to his "procedures" to get her out of it, so her silence is to make money and his interest is in keeping people quiet to keep the money coming in, I believe.

David told me to charge the students who's lawsuits he set me up to correct, $400 and to lie and tell them that I had spent 4 hours at $100/hour, when he would just fax me the paperwork from himself. I refused to do it, and thought, well he is just trying to help. He felt he was justified, since he had spent so much time developing it and they were getting so much. I felt it was fraud. Now I see the reality that he IS a liar.

The defamation began when he stopped paying my phone and internet -- when I found out he was lying and told people the truth. He and she refused to give me a statement that they did not send the incriminating emails or have an affair, and hassled me when I called for the truth. You would think they would want to know who had done it, wouldn't you, if not them?

I have not let up calling him (sometimes pretty pissed off) and demanding the truth and an end to the lie. I am a pit bull. His friends call me crazy. He says I am making it all up. His students have brought to me his false claims for years, and now I know.

 He is a liar. He says no one will follow a lie.

 I know the truth and it will set you free.

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    Here is a note from Dr. Ron Carlson about Miller:
Subject: [:David-Wynn-Miller Seminar Feb.24 and 25 in Bellingham WA] "THE BIGGEST CON ON EARTH!"
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 10:39:20 +0400
From: "Ron Carlson" <ddscarlson@worldnet.att.net
To: ........

Good day Mr. [....].

It is important that you know what really happened when I used so-called technology by Miller.

At my hearing for arraignment and plea February 17, 1998, I used the "flag" issue and the approach that I would not join with the court pursuant to F.R.Civ.P. 12(b)(7). That day I left court having not joined with the court. However, the following day I was arrested by U. S. Marshals and incarcerated at Halawa State Prison with the presumed threat that I would be held as a threat to the state if I did not submit to the court's jurisdiction.

Prior to my arrest on Friday the 19th of 1998, I filed a "Title 42 Action" that was advocated by Miller. He will say that this is passe' now, but the reason I mention it was the fact that in a subsequent hearing the U. S. Prosecutor noted it and said that it was incomprehensible. Nothing else transpired other than the fact that I let the "42" action time lapse. Reason? Number one I could foresee it being held against me as a identified "tax protestor" as well as an activist for pure water in Hawaii locally, and the fact that I had been involved in many other initiatives regarding the return to Constitutional Rule of Law by the government. [My group was known as the "Phoenix Project Committee of 50 States" and aligned with Joe Stumph out of Utah. Morris Dees, a Khazarian Zionist B'nai B'rith Mosad agent, SUBVERSIVE, of the "Souther Poverty Law Center" (I am sure dedicated to perpetuation of "poverty" using law as a method to insure its existence [READ R. BUCKMINSTER FULLER'S GRUNCH OF GIANTS, ST. MARTIN PRESS, 1983]) identified our "group" as a militia support group in a document regarding what he identified as "terrorist organizations."]. The second reason was that I had seen the irrationality of the idea that I would ever prevail in any of the controlled Zionist courts. It is impossible at this time but may be appropriate as we uncover the lies.

David Miller has never won in court to my knowledge other than by his own say so. Heresay, I say! Where is the meat? Ask for proof positive regarding the success of his technology. Court cases... Testimony... Documentation, not just his words.

His tech. did not in fact work for me. He has noted in his seminars that I utilized his work successfully, but this is not so. I was found guilty of five counts of tax evasion, 26 U.S.C., section 7201. I had not filed since 1983 and held the position that a citizen in the U.S. was not subject to income tax nor employment tax (they are different you know) since for the former there must be foreign earned income, and the latter an agreement with the employer pursuant to 26 U.S.C., 3402p(2). My defense was the "condition of the mind."

A final note. A person I am with at the half-way-house (the place one is held after prison until reaching his or her's mandatory release date) filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus using Miller's most current work. Judge Gillmore said if she persisted in the issue, she would order a psychological assessment of Ms. Ottley and have her committed if necessary. Does not sound good to me. I encouraged her to withdraw the HC and file a more rational action. I don't know what she has done. Nor have I seen here around the half-way-house either. The court may have taken her already.

David may be correct in many of his ideas, but half truth will only get one in trouble. I may be a testimony of what did not work, ask him for testimony for when it did work. Be persistent. Get the facts.

Best of luck to you and your fellows.

Dr. Ronald S. Carlson
4211 Waialae Avenue
Suite 400
Honolulu, Hawaii 9681

Here is another:
 From: Ron Carlson <ddscarlson@worldnet.att.net
 To: .....
 Subject: Re: another reply from DWM
 Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2001 1:00 PM


 Previously I wrote:

 Bruce...Ron did not win his case! I am Ron. Read his (David Miller's) statement: "Bruce, Ron won his case and was arrested for not filing tax returns for 5 years before he met me and had only hours of training before he went to court 3 years ago." With sentence construction like that I would have flunked first grade! (By the way, I did flunk first grade.)

 1) I was arrested the day after a hearing in federal court where I presented the "flag position" pursuant to F.R.Civ.P. 12b(7) joinder. I did not join with the court by using a phrase, after having been asked by Magistrate Judge Yamashita, "are you Mr. Carlson," that went something like this, "I cannot understand a foreign language." I walked out of court that day thinking I had won. However, David nor I were aware that what I had done would simply lead to an arrest to gain jurisdiction. You know, jurisdiction by "law of the gun."

 2) I had not filed income tax forms since 1983. My position was, and still is, that a citizen of the United States of America, living and working within the several states of the Union of the states, having domestic earnings, is not the "subject" of the income tax set forth in the IRC (Internal Revenue Code). Additionally, "employment tax" as distinguished from "income tax" is a voluntary matter as may be corroborated by a read of 26 U.S.C., section 3402(p)(2). Only citizens of the United States of America with foreign earned income are subject to an income tax of 30%. And, this may be found by looking at 26 U.S.C., sections 1461, 1441, 1442 and 1443. The "withholding agent," sec. 1461, may be you or me if qualified by circumstances.

 3) I had read Miller's work and studied it for a year before I met Miller personally. He was here in Honolulu working with some of the Hawaiian Sovereignty People. He had also interacted with a gathering in Tehachape', California, being interviewed by one Rick Martin, who was at that time an investigative journalist with CONTACT NEWSPAPER. (Rick is no longer associated with contact. He too turned on the CONTACT NEWSPAPER, stole the reader list, bank accounts, equipment, corporate records, destroying other records.) I was not new to Miller's work. I had known that we were under emergency powers statutes by my own research. See the work of Dr. Gene Schroeder and others on the "War Powers Act." Or, look up "Banking Holiday" in Black's Law, 5th Ed., and see that pursuant to 12 U.S.C., Section 95(b) we are under martial law via the Banking Holiday Act. This may be verified by the "yellow fringe flag" flying in the courts and other public domains. David is not the first to claim this issue.

 4) We hosted a two day seminar in my office with Miller as speaker. We spent a good 20 hours of study in his understanding. The material sounded good, at least at first blush. Anything sounds good when one is under indictment and one is also prone to grasping at straws. I still hold that without verification of wins, that the technology is useful, people corroborating having won, there are no wins. Where is the meat? Have those who have won come forth as representatives of his technology. Will people sign testimonies that they won using Miller's approach? I have never talked to anyone who has won; but, I will gladly recant and apologize for this which I speak when shown otherwise.

 5) Lawyers do not help, neither will "pro se" litigation. Once indicted by the Federal, one is dead meat! Only a "payoff" at the highest lever, such as we have seen with Marc Rich, will get one off that hook. There is a 98% conviction rate with the Federals, and I met banking wizards, giants, at Federal Prison Camp Nellis who contested their indictments for as many as 10 years with top lawyers, but still lost. When you are targeted, that is that on that!

 Again, ask for those who have won to come forward. Insist on it!!! Using Miller's writings as they are will only insure commitment to a psycho ward. Judge Gillmore threatened to do that with Ms. Ottley regarding her filing of a "Win Miller Habeas Corpus" just two weeks ago here in Honolulu. As I reviewed his recent work, I was amazed at its incomprehensibility. Truth is simple and uncomplicated!

 My sense is that Miller is a counter-intelligence-agent both figuratively and literally, for his writings are unintelligible, and I suspect he has not true intelligence available to him. BEWARE!!!

 Dr. Ronald S. Carlson

 -------From: Jeremiah Knight <jeremiah@shuswap.net
 To: Ron Calson <ddscarlson@worldnet.att.net
 Subject: another reply from DWM
 Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2001 10:10 PM

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Bellingham WA] "THE BIG...

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Bellingham WA] "THE BIG...

 ron is a friend of mine and he was the one who who his case in honolulu and then was kidnapped and taken to oklahoma under a different name so we could not find him. he is a dentist and is following everything-else with a lawyer. and all the fiction is telling him to use fiction. dave


 I was never kidnapped. I did not win my case. Miller never looked for me. I was toast within the Federal Bureau of Prisons. They take political prisoners like me to Oklahoma Transfer Center and then warehoused in one of their "camps."

 Ron Carlson

    Here is a note that I received from another researcher in the movement and it concerns another case where Miller defrauded people:
 Hi Larry,

In January, I received a frantic call from folks who winter in Arizona.  Four couples had been accused slander. To me, this is a fairly simple case to answer as the burden of proof is to show that the alleged slanderers knew that the information was false.  Unfortunately, these folks got David Miller.  They're embarrassed to tell me how much they paid this charlatan. He prepared an unintelligible writ that focused on printing flags and two other symbols including a United Nations graphic on the upper margin of the pleadings. He also told them to use the following format John: Truman, Doe. He advised them to respond to questions if they were parties to the suit by saying that they were, "John: Truman, Doe." For all other questions, to say, "We stand on our pleadings." The pleadings were typed in  uppercase - about eleven pages of gobbledygook including accusing private individuals of genocide.  He also instructed them to refuse to answer questions or question the opposition. The result was, these eight ordinary people got clobbered with a 6.8 million dollar judgment. When they complained to Miller that his stuff had not worked, he informed them that they had nothing to worry about, he obtained a judgment in the World Court, assigned court Zambia for seven hundred million dollars. When I got their call, they were one week away from a sheriff's sale!  Oh my, why do these people wait until the eleventh hour? I got a call last night at 10:17 PM from someone who has to be in court today on a payment plan!  Oh well, for the Arizona folks, I prepared a motion to vacate as a stop gap to have time to study and prepared a collateral attack which enabled me to prepare a procedurally proper notice of lis pendens. They got both filed and although the sheriff's sale went forward, the sheriff, like Moses with the tablets, held up the lis pendens for all to notice.  I prepared a collateral attack, citing among other things, lack of proper notice and advised the folks that a check of the World Court of Justice confirmed that no case had been filed on their behalf and would be absurd anyway. I have advised them to file a consumer complaint with the Arizona Attorney General against Miller for fraud, but for some reason, they are reticent to do so. Monday, the  opposition defaulted on the collateral attack. When the ink is dry on the order declaring the judgment void and vacated, I hope to rely on you to spread the story, which of course, I'll be glad to verify for you. David  Miller must be stopped. Not everyone Miller has bamboozled is as fortunate as the folks in Arizona appear to be.


I received the above e-mail when I sent out on the Net on April 3, 2001 a story about a call I received when I first walked into my office that morning. During this phone call, a lady in Musgogee, Oklahoma, told me that her husband was in jail as a result of using Miller's "technology." When this unfortunate soul was indicted by the feds in Tulsa, he contacted Miller for assistance. Miller prepared some pleadings for this defendant and then lead him to believe that when he was tried, someone would be there to assist him. When trial started, nobody showed up. This defendant defended himself by examining the witnesses using the "who has the claim against me" argument. He also asked the witnesses whether the party on trial was him or some other party whose name was in CAPITAL LETTERS. This fellow was quickly convicted.

Addition of Dec. 14, 2001:

Here is another e-mail allegedly authored by Miller:






on the November/19/2001, 9AM




For the TRUTHFUL-LANGUAGE-FORMAT of the PEOPLES-COURT; is with the CLAIM, for the OPENING of the COURT, with the TITLE~28 :U.S.C.-Section~452, by this JUDGE, David-Wynn: Miller, of the UNITY-STATES OF THE WORLD; for the CORRECTION of the WRONGS, of the PRIOR-HEARINGS, of the LAST-SIX-YEARS.


For the FAULT of the SERVICE-ANSWERS, by all VASSALEES ; is with the SUMMARY-JUDGMENT-CLAIM, for the LACK of an ANSWER within the~45-DAYS of the TIME-ALLOWANCE.

In this Corporation-case-number: R.A.~095~310~416: U.S. is in the CLAIMANT, Dorothy-Soo-KIu: Lam ; and the~35-VASSALEES, in the inclusion of the~eighteen-judges, of the Hawaii-Federal and State-Courts, with the attorneys and policemen, ~two-Hawaii-Corporations and ~three-foreign-corporations.

For the vassalees-judges of the crimes, are with the David Alan Ezra [ Hawaii-Federa-Chief-Judge], Francis I.Yamashita [Federal-Magistrate] Barry M.Kurren [Federal-Magistrate], Ronald T.Y.Moon [Hawaii-Supreme-Court-Chief-Judge], Mario R. Ramil, Paula A. Nakayama [associate-judges of the Hawaii-Supreme-Court], James S. burns [Hawaii-Intermediate-Court-Chief-Judge], Corinne K.A. Watanabe, John S.W. Lim, Walter S. Kirimitsu, Simeon R. Acoba, Jr. [associate-judges of the Hawaii-Intermediate-Court] ; Kevin S.C. Chang, Gail C. Nakatani, John C. Bryan Jr., Darryl Y.C. Choy, Bode A. Uale, Karen M. Radius, Karen N. Blondin [Hawaii-Family-Court and civil-court-judges] and State of Hawaii [Governor Cayetano ]

For the vassalees-attorneys of the crimes, are with the McCorriston Miller Mukai Mackinnon,LLP, Christopher J.Cole, Stephen T. Hioki, Susan Orlando Liu. For the vassalees-corporations of the crimes, are with the Cable & Wireless Plc, Cable & Wireless USA, Genesys Conferencing Incorporation [foreign-corporations], Title Guaranty of Hawaii Incorporation and Title Guaranty Escrow Services Incorporation. [Hawaii-Corporation]. For the vassalees-policemen of the crimes are with the A. Shimizu and Clinton Sukekane of the Honolulu-Police-Department.

For the individual-vassalees of the crimes, are with the Richard Allyn Moody [former president of the Aloha Conferencing Services Inc], Lynn Ross, Gary Payne and Margie Medalle [former-employees of the Aloha Conferencing Services Inc ] .

By the sponsor and claim of the Women of the Rainbow
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Dorothy-Soo-Kiu: Lam Cellular: 808 551-9998
:David-Wynn: Miller, :LAW-CLAIMS
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