Constitutional and Related Legal Materials
(updated April 22, 2020)

Limits of Congressional Power: This is a list of cases defining the limits of Congressional powers from an historical perspective.

State Police Powers: State governments possess the police power and the state courts have defined this power and its limits.

Primary Sources of Statutory Law: On this page, you will find links to the full U.S. Statutes at Large, State Constitutions, state codes, etc.

It is important to know where to find legal authority. In this video, “How to Use the Law Library, Peymon Mottahedeh, President of Freedom Law School, shows you how.

Powers of the People: This file links to all State Constitutions and quotes provisions thereof related to the right of the People to change government.

Right to Work: This file contains a wide variety of cases concerning the constitutional right to work.

Right to Travel: Cases about this right are collected in this file.

Compulsory Production of Documents: This brief explains the operation of the Fifth Amendment in reference to producing personal books and records to an agency of the government.

The meaning of Art. 1, § 9, cl. 7: There is currently a debate raging regarding the question of whether social security is a contract. This file explains why it is not a contract because of this constitutional provision.

Equal Protection: The constitutional principles of equal protection need to be understood by members of the freedom movement. Here you will find parts of my working file containing cites to and very brief summaries of some cases regarding this issue, with links to the important Supreme Court decisions.

Void for Vagueness: The constitutional prohibition against vague laws is demonstrated through a variety of cases, which are linked via this file.

Public Purposes: This file links to some recent cases dealing with unconstitutional eminent domain actions.

Administrative Procedures Act: This file is a short brief which explains the operation of the federal Administrative Procedures Act.

The Need for Regulations: Here you will find a short brief regarding the need for regulations for some tax statutes. Not every law, even a tax law, requires a regulation, contrary to popular myth. However for the statute discussed here, a regulation is essential.

Delegated Authority Brief: This brief, taken from a larger one, addresses the requirement that public officers and employees must have delegated authority to act.

Cases Regarding Delegated Authority: This file contains a list of cases regarding the need of public officers and employees to have delegated authority.

Recent cases for the curious: Links to cases that may be of interest to some are linked here.

Reliance Upon Government Documents: Have you relied upon government documents in the formation of any of your beliefs? If not, you need to read this memo.

Case Law: Many complain about case law and denigrate it. This file explains how important case law really is.

Important Information About TSA:  Here is an analysis of the federal laws to which we are subjected at airports. They are different from what you might think.

Titles of the U.S. Code: The manner by which the titles of the current U.S. Code were created from the U.S. Statutes at Large is explained here.